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Language learning

Summer courses in Edinburgh

Discover the cultural riches of the historic city of Edinburgh

Courses for 16 - 18 year olds

Language learning

Summer in Cambridge

For academic purposes

For students preparing for university, management school or career

Intensive revision and development of English language skills


Language learning

English for teenagers in the Spring school holidays

Residential courses in March and April for teenagers 13-17 years

Language learning

Summer courses for teenagers start in June 2023

Programmes available for 11-12 year olds and 13-17 year olds

Language learning

Active English in Bournemouth

Courses dedicated to the 16-26 years age group

Language learning

Scholar English in Newbury

All year round for teenagers aged 13-17 years

For exam preparation or developing study skills and a broad general knowledge

Full day of learning + extra curricular (after class) culture activities

Language learning

Intensive online courses to "Master the Spanish language".

OISE Segovia offers the possibility of taking several specialised workshops with the aim of achieving excellence in the knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language.

Distance Learning

Distance learning in online lessons with a personal course tutor. Lessons are one-to-one for specific focus. Learners can choose from the available range of Distance Learning courses, or can request bespoke lessons for a specific requirement such as the preparation of a language test, how to prepare a presentation or coaching in a specific skill such as essay writing.