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10 ways in which English language GCSE helps unlock success in other subjects

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Scholar English curriculum insights - Book Club

Language learning

5 reasons to choose the Scholar English course at OISE Newbury as a Pre-Sixth Form foundation course

The Pre-Sixth Form Scholar English course at OISE Newbury is a good choice for international students poised to enter English boarding schools or Sixth Form colleges. 

This mini foundation course aims not only to equip students with robust academic foundations but also to foster an authentic English identity within them, critical for their success in future educational endeavours.

Language learning

Excelling in Cambridge C1

Mastering the Advanced English Exam with Comprehensive Preparation

Language learning

Exploring Linguistic Proficiency through Easter Revision Courses in Newbury

The Easter Revision Courses offered at OISE Newbury present a distinctive blend of structured learning and practical engagement, perfect for participants across various proficiency levels. Offered in the picturesque town of Newbury, West Berkshire, this programme allows students to study in small groups which gives each student a high level of teacher attention.  The course is designed for Year 11s who are studying for English language GCSE.

Language learning

English Short Courses for the Christmas Holidays

Language enhancement with the joy of the holiday season.
Language learning

Prepare for the IELTS exam in Oxford

A journey to future achievement
Language learning

Short Autumn courses at OISE Oxford

For exam preparation or to prepare for vocational training.

Language learning

The Scholar English course

The 10-week course for the autumn term.

Language learning

The Octorial programme at OISE in Edinburgh

For late summer or early autumn courses.

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Intensive online courses to "Master the Spanish language".

OISE Segovia offers the possibility of taking several specialised workshops with the aim of achieving excellence in the knowledge of Spanish as a foreign language.

Language learning

Achieve progress in Spanish language skills

Experience the rich history and culture of Spain with top-quality Spanish language courses and comfortable accommodation in Segovia.