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Language learning

Oxford- Cambridge-London-Boston

Distance Learning

Distance learning in online lessons with a personal course tutor. Lessons are one-to-one for specific focus. Learners can choose a course from the range of Strategic Eloquence Seminars or can request bespoke lessons for a specific requirement such as the preparation of a language test, how to prepare a presentation or coaching in a specific skill such as essay writing.


Language learning

How to choose the best English language course for you

There are plenty of courses out there to help you study English. Here we provide you with some insight into how you can choose the best English language course for you.
When it comes to choosing an intensive course to help you study English, there are so many options available - it’s difficult to know where to begin. Once you know which elements to consider however, it’s easier to narrow down what you’re looking for. OISE offers the opportunity to study in the historic cities of Oxford, Cambridge and London, as well as offering tailored courses to suit your individual needs.

Career & exam

7 Tips for Highlighting Your Language Skills on Your CV

When an employer is faced with a choice between you and another candidate, showing off your language skills in the best possible light will often make the difference. Highlight your language skills

News & culture

How to speak English fluently like a native

To speak English like a native you need to practise speaking and intonation as well as build your vocabulary to include words for every situation. You can’t learn how to speak English fluently like a native speaker from a book, no matter how hard you study - Here's why: