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Bilingualism, broadly speaking is the ability to communicate and understand two languages. However, bilingualism is often considered as a relative label since it depends if skills such as perfect grammar in both languages are considered the marker of bilingualism. Or rather accept it as simply the ability to understand and converse in two languages well. In any case it is often overlooked that bilingualism is as emotional as it is practical. For many bilinguals it is a notion that is ​felt​ rather than defined.

News & culture

CQ - Cultural Intelligence

Just as IQ is a measure of intellectual intelligence, CQ is the measure of cultural intelligence.  A short text on this topic.

Distance Learning

Distance learning in online lessons with a personal course tutor. Lessons are one-to-one for specific focus. Learners can choose from the available range of Distance Learning courses, or can request bespoke lessons for a specific requirement such as the preparation of a language test, how to prepare a presentation or coaching in a specific skill such as essay writing.


Career & exam

Entering a UK university

Entering a UK university

Before entering a UK university, students whose native language is not English may be required to prove their proficiency in the language – the most common way to do this is with an internationally-recognised exam such as IELTS.