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5 reasons to choose the Scholar English course at OISE Newbury as a Pre-Sixth Form foundation course

  • OISE England
  • Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The Pre-Sixth Form Scholar English course at OISE Newbury is a good choice for international students poised to enter English boarding schools or Sixth Form colleges. 

This mini foundation course aims not only to equip students with robust academic foundations but also to foster an authentic English identity within them, critical for their success in future educational endeavours.


Here’s why OISE Newbury provides an unparalleled preparatory experience for students:

1. Personalised learning in small classes

This approach fosters an environment where students are encouraged to participate and delve deeply into subjects. Such an atmosphere is crucial for building collaboration, eloquence, and participation skills, readying students for the interactive and demanding nature of further education.

2. Diverse and intensive academic preparation

The course's curriculum covers a wide range of academic subjects to provide a thorough foundation in essential knowledge areas. Its intensive format is designed to maximise student progress within a limited timeframe, fostering both a command of the English language and confidence across a broad academic context. This solid base supports students in reaching elevated academic performance as they advance.

3. Cultivation of essential A-level skills

Through engaging activities such as Book Club and Debate lessons, students are encouraged to articulate their viewpoints and critically engage with various texts and themes. Coupled with specialised academic writing and reading sessions, these components are pivotal in honing the necessary study skills for A-level excellence, including essay writing, rapid comprehension, and efficient study strategies.

4. Enhancement of English language proficiency

For students requiring additional English language support, this course offers focused lessons aimed at overcoming these challenges. Enhancing their mastery of English enables students to approach their A-level studies with enhanced assurance and a solid academic foundation.

5. Adjustment to life in the UK

Adapting to a new educational system and living environment is an important part of studying abroad. Situated in the tranquil town of Newbury, the course offers a conducive setting for students to become accustomed to UK life, ensuring they are settled, comfortable, and ready to concentrate on their studies. This smooth transition is vital for international students to maximise their educational journey in the UK.


OISE Newbury’s Scholar English Pre-Sixth Form Foundation Course is a critical stepping stone for international students preparing to embark on further education with confidence. By focusing on academic excellence, language mastery, and cultural acclimatisation, the course lays a solid foundation for success. With its rigorous, immersive, and nuanced approach, OISE Newbury prepares students not just for academic achievement but for becoming articulate, informed, and ambitious individuals ready to take on their future challenges.