10 ways in which English language GCSE helps unlock success in other subjects

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10 ways in which English language GCSE helps unlock success in other subjects

  • OISE England
  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Essay writing skills

A good essay is clear and presents information in a structured way.  Essay writing requires the ability to communicate ideas and information in a structured way which engages the reader.


Creative writing

The ability to write imaginatively is a useful skill for any student.  It encourages creative thinking and can be a liberating way of working with the English language



Practice in storytelling develops the skills of vocabulary, imagination and structure.


Cultural knowledge

Cultural references can be found across all types of content (journalistic, fiction, etc).  


Rich vocabulary

Reading and writing give students an expanded vocabulary



The ability to read or listen to some content and then précis it into a shorter, summarised version is an essential skill.


Assimilation of information

Research notes need to be organised so that they can be used for essays and presentations.  This requires editing skills and speed-reading skills so that research can be reduced into relevant and useful material.


Making a presentation

To present an idea or a piece of work to a small group or a large audience requires confidence.  Students who are at ease with the speaking skills and their ability to connect with their audience will be comfortable when making presentations.


Leading a discussion

Taking the lead in a group discussion, developing an awareness of how to encourage debate amongst team members are skills which are needed for the workplace or for higher education


Collaborative work 

Team tasks, projects and all types of collaborative work require strong communication amongst the group members.  The ability to communicate and articulate thoughts clearly helps participants to work well together.