Frequently Asked Questions


OISE teaches English, Spanish and German.

Courses are available all year round, for 52 weeks of the year.

OISE offers courses for teenagers aged 13-17 years, and for university students aged !7+ years and for professional students who need professional development skills


OISE Newbury offers the Scholar English course all year round and exam preparation courses.  OISE Segovia offers courses of Spanish to teenagers and OISE Heidelberg offers courses of German to teenagers.

OISE offers courses for the preparation of the IELTS English exam and the Cambridge B2 English exam and the Cambridge C1 English exam.  OISE also offers courses for the preparation of the DELE Spanish exam.


Are there courses for professional development?

Yes, OISE offers courses to professional people who need training and coaching to improve their confidence in their use of English or Spanish or German in the workplace


Homestays are chosen carefully and each potential homestay is visited on a regular basis.

What sort of people are the hosts?

The hosts are sometimes families, but also sometimes single people or retired people.

Yes, there is some availability to stay in a student residence, usually in the months of July and August.


The homestay host or the School Principal will help with arrangements to see a local doctor.


Yes, students should ensure that they have travel insurance and medical insurance before beginning their course.