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English Short Courses for the Christmas Holidays

  • OISE England
  • Thursday, October 19, 2023
Language enhancement with the joy of the holiday season.
Fairy lights

Short revision courses are offered at OISE Newbury during the Christmas and New Year school vacations. These courses are designed for students who wish to make the most of their holiday break by revising their English language skills.

The Scholar English programme is available at OISE Newbury all year-round, and during the Christmas period, it offers a unique festive twist. In addition to the standard language curriculum, the holiday season brings a programme of special events and activities that add a delightful touch to the course. Alongside language learning, students will explore a diverse range of topics such as current affairs, history, literature, and more, all delivered in English. This approach not only enhances language skills but also broadens students' horizons by introducing them to various subjects.

Students can expect to learn in small study groups during the daytime, ensuring a personalised and effective learning experience. In the evenings and weekends, they can immerse themselves in a variety of cultural activities, enhancing their language skills through real-life experiences.

The course is flexible and can be tailored to the student's preferences, with options available for one, two, or three-week durations.