A community of determined learners

OISE students share a set of educational ideals, not only with their professors but also with their fellow students.

Determined students

A shared ambition

OISE pupils are ambitious students with very clear goals. Whether they are young students or already starting their professional career, they study in different schools within which they share the same desire: to express their potential to the fullest. This way, they themselves form a community of highly motivated and talented students, who aspire to a bright future.

A shared requirement

The courses instill charisma, vivacity and passion into the bilingual identity of the participants. They show great perseverance and constantly seek to get the best out of themselves and those around them. They are able to convey complex ideas, influence their peers, and captivate an audience with ease and eloquence.

A shared compromise

Students are the true engine of the OISE programmes. Through their involvement, they manage to develop an essential charisma to stand out in a bilingual environment. The teachers share this determination and ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

A shared goal

OISE students seek excellence and reject mediocrity. The programs are designed to enable them to achieve their aspirations. The mere knowledge of the language is not a goal in itself; great communicators know that language is simply a tool that allows them to assert their authority.