Easter Revision course

  • Teenagers
  • Newbury, England

Easter Revision course

Academic Experience

Key points

A one week course offered  with 2 hours of study each morning from Monday to Friday. 

The course is taught by experienced tutors in small study groups. 

The ability to express clear thought and argumentation, the ability to organise thoughts and research into a well-structured essay, the ability to express ideas with clarity and conviction are all skills which are needed at GCSE level.  This short, intensive course helps students to become confident and accurate in their use of the English language.

In particular, the course is aimed at Year 11 students who are revising for their English language GCSE.

Objectives of the study

Objective of the course

The aim of the course is to enable Year 11 students to revise and practise the content of the English language GCSE in order to help them on their pathway into sixth form.  Teachers help students to develop the skills and techniques needed for the exam.  In addition, teachers help students to become confident and accurate in their use of the English language (both in writing and speaking) which serves as an essential skill for further academic study in all subjects of the curriculum.  


The course programme


This course teaches students to analyse a document and structure their understanding of the issue, before shaping their arguments, and composing a cohesive written document, which could also form the base of an eloquent  presentation. 


Maximum of 8 students per tutor

10 hours of tuition - Monday to Friday




Easter 2025



    Each day, the tutor gives the students a document to read and analyse.  The document might be taken from literature, current affairs, international world news, history, etc.  Students are required to produce a written critical analysis of the text which can also be used as the basis of a presentation.  Students re-work their writing under tutor guidance before producing a final draft.


    This task is repeated with a variety of types of text which allows students to develop techniques which they can use to organise their thoughts into structured commentary.


    The skill which is gained from this task is essential to English language GCSE but is also an essential skill in many other academic or vocational subjects.




Attentes prévues


Students gain practice in the structure and organisation of their essays

Students gain techniques for expanding their vocabulary

Students gain tips on how to channel creative thinking into clear presentation of information


Expected outcomes

 - improved essay-writing skills

 - improved compensation strategies

 - reduction of exam anxiety

Hébergement sur place
Day course

This course is aimed at day pupils.

However, if needed, the school offers accommodation in single study bedrooms in the school residence.

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The school is located in central Newbury, in Enborne Road.

OISE Newbury, Enborne Road, Newbury RG14 6AD


The programme starts every day at 0900 hrs (arrive by 0850 please)

The programme ends every day at 1100 hrs 

Price includes
Useful information

Price includes

The course is a one week programme.

The course includes a total of 10 hours of tuition taught in very small groups (max 8 per group)

All materials and resources are included.