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Scholar English - Academic Term Course

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Academic Experience

Key Points

This course is designed to suit pupils of every level from A1 to C1: the very limited number of participants in each class (a maximum of 8 but often 3 or 4) ensures that each student receives individual attention from their tutors, providing a learning experience which is unique to their needs. This close proximity between students and teachers fosters close relationships and a supportive environment, which builds confidence amongst the young learners and encourages them to succeed.
Teachers challenge students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation. This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
In tandem with English language development, the course piques the intellectual curiosity of the learners by exposing them to a range of authentic sources from different academic subjects, which in turn develops their critical thinking skills as they discuss and analyse them.
The mix of nationalities in the classroom and the wide range of materials covered creates an international outlook amongst students, broadening their horizons and exposing them to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking.

This course is a good choice for students who are preparing to join boarding school or who are preparing to join a sixth form college.

Objectives of the study

Forging a bi-lingual identity

The aim of the programme is to help the ambitious student gain a proficient use of the English language in the intellectual context of their academic studies: building their critical thinking skills, their ability to join a debate and generally express themselves with conviction and eloquence in English. Progress will depend on their level at the beginning of the course, which is open to pupils from A1 to C1 and will also depend on the length of stay.  For a short course of fewer than 5 weeks A2 is the recommended minimum level.

A short course of 1 to 5 weeks will improve the pupil's confidence in their use of English and equip them to attain good grades at school  in their own country.

A longer term course of 6 + weeks will equip the student with the academic level to optimise the rewards of a Tertiary Education.


Scholar English Academic Term Course

A term course in Newbury is aimed at pupils who want to develop their command of English within an academic context: this will prove extremely useful for both teenagers who aspire to go to university in an English speaking country or who want to absorb both academic and cultural  knowledge in English  to operate on a level playing field with native speakers.

Term dates:

14.01.24 - 23.03.24

14.04.24 - 22.06.24

06.10.24 - 14.12.24


  • Academic programme


    The course is divided into 4 areas of competences:


    Fluent use of English: it will take the pupil from his or her school knowledge of the language to a level that will allow them to manipulate the language in most international life situations. 

    * Academia: the students learn the vocabulary and the codes to study at University in English.
    * Exam preparation: many of the pupils want to take an official examination to prove the level they have attained in the language.
    * Creative writing: to develop style and depth in writing
    * Drama: lots of role play to learn how to project their personality in English. 


    Cultural awareness: this is the part of the course that aims at developing a broad understanding of sophisticated general knowledge:

    * Literature in English: an insight into the authors who wrote and write in English. The programme does not limit itself to Irish and British authors but also covers American, Australian and New Zealand writers.

    * Music and art appreciation: the pupils learn about composers and artists who dominate the music and art scene at present. The lessons might lead to a visit to an important art museum or to a concert locally or in London.

    * The drama lessons encourage the students' interest in theatre and give them a basic knowledge of what constitutes good thespian skills 



    Introduction to career subjects: journalism, ecology, sociology and psychology are all taught at beginners level and take the students into the realm of university subjects. As tasters they allow the pupils to acquire both a knowledge of the subject and a taste for the subject.

    * Journalism: newspaper articles, TV reports, radio programmes are dissected for identifying the skills that go into good journalistic reporting. Pupils are also expected to try their hand at writing an article or producing a programme of their own.

    * Sociology: although sociology is the universal study of social life and the causes and consequences of human behaviour, the course tries to identify specific codes of Anglo Saxon behaviour. The pupils are encouraged to investigate the structure of groups, organizations and societies, and how people interact within these contexts.  

    * Psychology: this subject has been added to the curriculum because of its wide appeal among university students in the present times.

    * Ecology: study of the environment is a non-negotiable necessity for all teenagers: the course takes them through the essential elements that affect the environment and the climate.



    Academic subjects: the course includes a number of modules to cover the most fundamental academic subjects: History, Maths, Geography, Literature. The purpose of these lessons is to both improve the students' knowledge in the subject and give them the ability to explore the subject in English. Terminology is one of the limiting factors for those who have studied the subjects in English. The course equips students with the skills to transfer into English the knowledge they have in their own language. 


Attentes prévues


Ability to speak and write in English with confidence and accuracy, whilst feeling comfortable using the language.

Foundation knowledge of a wide range of academic subjects which helps students to choose pathways in their higher education.
Personal development including increased personal confidence.


Hébergement sur place


In the school residence

The accommodation is provided in the school on-site residence.  Students stay in single study bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.  All meals are included and are served in the school dining room.  There is a menu choice at each meal, with all diets catered for.  The residence is attached to the school building, within the grounds of the school which are enclosed by security gates

Se déplacer


A personal taxi meeting service can be arranged to greet students on arrival and to escort them on departure.  The taxi drivers are checked and verified.  A 24 hour contact number is provided to all students in case they need assistance at any point in their arrival or departure journey.  The service is offered to students arriving into London Heathrow airport, London Gatwick airport and London St Pancras International train station.

Alternatively, parents or guardians are most welcome to bring the student to the school on arrival day or collect them on departure day.


Cultural experience

The course includes extra-curricular activities such as field trips, social evenings, movie nights and hobby clubs.

Freedoms and permissions: pupils will not be allowed to leave the school premises or leave the group during activities unsupervised, unless they are over 14 and the school has received parental consent. The full supervision and curfew policy is available on request. 

The level of supervision at Newbury is structured to keep every pupil safe: the accommodation is attached to the teaching building within the same fenced grounds.  Throughout the stay, pupils enjoy a high staff / student ratio: the minimum of one adult to 15 pupils is often increased up to 10 and sometimes 5.


Price includes
Useful information

Price Includes

The price is all inclusive, i.e. covers  the full academic programme, all 3 meals a day, accommodation in individual en-suite bedrooms and pastoral activities and very close supervision throughout the pupils' stay. The price also includes all books and teaching material. 

What's not included in the price:

1-The costs for taking an exam: to cover the exam fee and supervised transport to the exam venue.

2-Health insurance to cover medical charges while in Newbury. This insurance cover should be bought in the student's own country before leaving home.

3-The personal taxi service on arrival and departure.

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