Scholar English - All year round

  • Teenagers
  • Newbury, England

Scholar English - All year round

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Academic Experience

Key Points

Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention from their tutors, providing a learning experience which is unique to their needs. This close proximity between students and teachers fosters close relationships and a supportive environment, which builds confidence amongst the young learners and encourages them to succeed.
Teachers challenge students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation. This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
In tandem with English language development, the course piques the intellectual curiosity of the learners by exposing them to a range of authentic sources from different academic subjects, which in turn develops their critical thinking skills as they discuss and analyse them.
The mix of nationalities in the classroom and the wide range of materials covered creates an international outlook amongst students, broadening their horizons and exposing them to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking.


Objectives of the study

Objectives of the stay

For learners who want to develop their English language skills for a short intensive course or a long extended course at any time throughout the year.


Scholar English

OISE Newbury delivers ‘trajectory education’. As a stepping stone from pupils’ backgrounds towards their ambitions, the course helps each learner to forge their own learning practices in harmony with their personality.

Pupils also learn to think independently. 

  • Academic programme

    Unlike traditional language courses designed to teach the mechanics of the language as an end in itself, the Scholar English programme provides language development through an all- encompassing school programme delivered in English. The concept of gaining bilingual status through immersion in subjects which were the preserve of the first language, raises the profile of second language to be equal to the first language. The aim of the course is to develop the child’s education in English, to expand their knowledge via the medium of English and encourage them to form their own opinions, in English.

    Meaningful content

    Workshops in creative writing, guidance in essay writing, journalism workshops based on the school's cultural calendar, biographies, debates, literature, reciprocal reading, subject tasters, guided research projects with presentations, book club with presentations and discussions, eloquence ‘walkshops’, training in philosophical thinking, etc. Grammar and pronunciation are embedded throughout all lessons.

    Intensive Exam Skills

    These programmes teach exam strategies (for example IELTS) and provide extensive practice tests with feedback against mark schemes so that pupils feel confident going into the exam. Pupils also have dedicated language lessons to ensure they cover the exam vocabulary and grammar.

Attentes prévues


Ability to speak and write in English with confidence and accuracy, whilst feeling comfortable using the language.
Personal development including increased personal confidence.

Achievement of required grade in chosen exam.

Hébergement sur place


In the school residence

Secure, fully-supervised residential accommodation. All meals included.

Se déplacer
Arrival and departure


  • On arrival days, a shuttle is scheduled to leave for the school at the following times:

- Gatwick airport: 18.00

- Heathrow airport: 18.00

- St. Pancras: 18.00

Students should choose a flight/ train that lands / arrives 90 minutes before the shuttle departure. They should also be aware that the earlier they arrive the longer their wait at the airport/station. A representative will be at the airport or station 5 hours before the departure of the shuttle to welcome the students and provide assistance.

  • On departure days, a shuttle will drop the students at the following time:

- Gatwick: 11.30

- Heathrow: 11.30

- St. Pancras: 11.30

Students should choose a flight or train that departs at least 2 hours after the above drop off times. They should also be aware that the later the flight the longer the wait.

A representative will stay at the airport or the station 5 hours after the arrival of the shuttle to provide assistance while waiting to go through the departures gate. 


Cultural Programme

The course includes cultural activities such as excursions, social evenings, movie nights, book clubs, drama clubs and a choice of sports.

Price includes
Useful information

Price Includes

The price includes the hours of tuition per week, full-board accommodation and extra-curricular activities.