Written expression in German

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Written expression in German

Online Tutorial
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Academic Experience

Each lesson is live and taught by a tutor via Zoom

Includes a pre-course Zoom meeting between the tutor and the student for level assessment and needs analysis.

Before the start of the course, the student is sent an assignment to be completed before the course and a short reading list.

All students who successfully complete this course are eligible for a Course Certificate. Completion consists of submitting the final course assignment. Certificates are sent by email after the end of the course.

Students are set two pieces of work. The first is a piece of writing of 250 words and is due halfway through the course. This does not count towards the final outcome but preparing for it is practice for the assessed piece of work at the end of the course, which is a piece of writing of 500 words.

Objectives of the study

Course aims

This course aims to provide students with accurate knowledge of grammar and language structure together with the stylistic tools which can be used for sophisticated writing.



A very complete programme

This course gives the learner advanced writing skills needed to be able to produce eloquent writing for either academic or professional purposes.


The tutor guides the learner through writing and reading exercises which develop accuracy in grammar, structure, vocabulary and style.


  • Course Content

    Module I - Advanced grammar review
    • Writing and speaking exercises under timed conditions
    • Revision plan of writing, speaking and comprehension tasks


    Module 2 - Vocabulary
    • Creative writing tasks to develop a wide vocabulary
    • Word origins and meanings


    Module 3 - Essay writing
    • Practice in the structure of essay writing (or a long text)
    • Techniques to present the main topics with clarity
    • Synthesising ideas 


    Module 4 - Copywriting
    • Practice in copy editing from long form to short form
    • Tasks for writing advertising copy
    • Practice in journalism


    Module 5 - Style
    • Literary Critical Analysis to discuss the style of the authors 
    • Adding sophistication
    • Poetic devices
    • Exercises to practise change of style across a variety of writing tasks



Attentes prévues

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Produce a piece of creative writing or factual writing
  • Adjust the style and register of their writing with ease
  • Know the conventions to be followed to write in a formal style (letter/essays)
  • Develop a rich vocabulary


Price includes
Useful information

Each lesson is live and taught by a tutor via Zoom

Each lesson is of 60 minutes duration

Lessons can be taken at any time from Monday - Saturday 09.00 to 18.00 GMT