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Tutorial programme for academic studies

Academic Experience

Preparing for Higher Education

Students train to gain experience and acquire language skills at a high level. Teachers motivate students to
reach their full potential and set goals for each student, evaluating their progress regularly. This helps learners
exceed their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
Individual tuition provides a personalized learning experience. Throughout the day, scholars work with various
tutors who adapt their teaching style to ensure the students become confident speakers of the second
The course exposes learners to authentic sources from different academic subjects, sparking their curiosity
and introducing them to different language styles, new vocabulary, and structures. Students debate, discuss,
and analyse these sources, leading to increased confidence, fluency, and improved critical thinking skills.

Objectives of the study

Meeting key needs

Bespoke English language tuition to enable students to achieve their academic goals.



The Tutorial programme

Providing a bespoke learning environment enabling the learner to develop their own strategies to overcome
obstacles and achieve their personal academic goals.

Minimum age of enrolment: 16 years old

  • • Classes focus on core skills that equip students with essential grammar, comprehension, accuracy,
    and communication abilities. Also included are communication skills workshops that transform learners
    into confident and fluent language users.

    • Teachers cover academically challenging content, engaging students with new ideas and approaches
    using authentic materials from various academic subjects, such as literature, history, and economics.

    • By discussing current international affairs and topical issues, students develop their speaking,
    expression, and debating skills while broadening their world-view.

    • The courses promote teamwork, fostering expertise in interpersonal and intercultural communication,
    problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership.

    • To reinforce learning, daily homework tasks encourage reflection and consolidation, preparing
    learners for the next day's lessons.


Attentes prévues

Outcomes of the course

The students will have acquired the skills needed to study a course delivered by the medium of English

Hébergement sur place


Half-board homestay

Staying in a homestay gives participants the chance to be fully immersed into the local culture of the destination, whilst also being able to practise the language in a relaxed and natural setting. Many homestays have been welcoming our students into their homes for many years, offering their hospitality and expanding our students cultural horizons. Homestay arrivals are on the Sunday before the course begins, and departures are on the Saturday after the course ends.



College at Cambridge

For students who prefer an alternative to homestay accommodation, a limited number of places are available in college residence.  These places are subject to availability.


Se déplacer



Cambridge is home not only to one of the world’s great universities, its iconic buildings and colleges peppering the old town, but also to the dynamic high-tech hub sometimes known as ‘Silicon Fen’ (Microsoft Research, Amazon, Apple, ARM, CSR, Autonomy and several thousand more), and the largest biomedical campus in Europe.

The result is a rich mix of students and professionals, and an ambience of tradition, scholarship and innovation. The town is host to a myriad of cafes, restaurants and pubs (including The Eagle, in the front room of which Crick and Watson demonstrated the first model of the double-helix structure of DNA in 1953), and to innumerable buildings of great historical and architectural significance, such as King’s College Chapel, the Wren Library, the Mathematical Bridge and Trinity Great Court.

Compact, green and beautiful, the city is dominated by the historic university buildings and bound by the lovely River Cam. It offers a unique ambiance, where the charm of tradition blends with the conveniences of modern urban life. Cambridge is a prime location for committed English language study. 




A variety of social and cultural activities are available to students throughout the week, helping them to get to know Cambridge. Popular activities include walking tours, visits to galleries and museums and discovering highlights of the city, including pub The Eagle, where in 1953, scientists Crick and Watson celebrated the discovery of DNA. Tours of the medieval city and the university can also be organised.

Price includes
Useful information

Useful Information

Price Includes

The price includes tuition, half-board accommodation in a homestay and a certificate of achievement.

International exams fees are not included.

Students begin their course on a Sunday and finish on a Saturday. Classes are taught throughout the year, Monday - Friday.