An Introduction to International Relations

Academic Experience

Study from 1 - 3 weeks. Start any Sunday from 05/07/20 - 19/07/20.

Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention from their tutors, providing a learning experience which is unique to their needs. This close proximity between students and teachers fosters close relationships and a supportive environment, which builds confidence amongst the young learners and encourages them to succeed.
Teachers push students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation. This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
Students live in the college and all lessons take place in college rooms, inspiring students onto a career path of opportunity and achievement.
The mix of nationalities in the classroom and the wide range of materials covered creates an international outlook amongst students, broadening their horizons and exposing them to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking.

Objectives of the study

Objectives of the stay

To develop an understanding of International relations through a wide range of key concepts such as Foreign Aid , International Trade, Conflict and Cooperation and Globalisation.


The Oxford College Experience

30 hours of tuition per week. For learners aged 16 - 19.

Residing at one of the most traditional Oxford University colleges, students experience a unique educational environment. As a result of the dynamic tuition, students refine their social eloquence and mastery in the specificity of the English language whilst deepening their knowledge and understanding of international relations.

    • Topics covered over the week include : Consumerist culture, The European approach to peacebuilding, India vs Pakistan,  Ethnic Cleansing, Power relations, Ethics of Fair Trade.
    • Each day during the programme students have lectures and discussions as well as sessions to fine tune writing, reading and listening skills all based around a different topic. There is also project preparation with an emphasis on teamwork which takes place at the end of the day.
    • Lesson content is academically challenging and is designed to inspire students to achieve beyond their expectations. Lessons also expose students to new ideas and approaches, including the use of authentic materials and discussion of current affairs and topical issues in the classroom. 
    • Homework tasks are set daily to allow learners to reflect on and consolidate what they have learned in the day, as well as prepare for the next day.
    • A cultural programme including visits to places of cultural significance around Oxford, such as museums, galleries and exploring the breathtaking architecture. One full day excursion per week is also included.
    • The minimum level to take this course is B2 (upper-intermediate). All students are interviewed prior to the course to assess their suitability.
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Refinement of eloquence in the English language and a deep understanding of international relations.
Confidence, fluency and effective communication skills.
Cultural enrichment.

Hébergement sur place


In the school residence

The accommodation is provided in the school on-site residence.  Students stay in single study bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.  All meals are included and are served in the school dining room.  There is a menu choice at each meal, with all diets catered for.  The residence is attached to the school building, within the grounds of the school which are enclosed by security gates

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The Experience of Living at Brasenose College

A constituent college of Oxford University, Brasenose College was established more than 500 years ago. The college is set in the academic heart of the city, surrounded by the university and its facilities, and is in close proximity to the city centre. Students study and live within the college, offering them a unique insight into life at Oxford University.


Cultural Programme

Oxford in the summer offers students an unforgettable taste of university life, including outdoor activities in the city’s open spaces and a wealth of cultural enrichment in the form of museums, galleries and breathtaking architecture. Students have a schedule of evening activities to relax after a hard day's study and experience the best of the city, all included in the course cost.

Evening programme highlights include a trip punting on the flat-bottomed boats on the Thames, an open-air theatre or cinema trip, a ghost tour of Oxford or sports in the University Parks. At the weekend there is an excursion to a place of cultural interest, such as Blenheim Palace, London, Bath or Stratford-upon-Avon.

Price includes
Useful information

Price Includes

The price includes 30 hours of tuition per week, full-board accommodation in Brasenose College and a cultural programme.