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SAT Writing and Language

Online Tutorial
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Academic Experience

Distance learning lessons taught by a live online tutor, via Zoom. 

Lessons are taught by tutors from the OISE faculty.

Ideal for the revision and practice of specific language skills.

Includes a pre-start Zoom meeting between the tutor and the student for level assessment and needs analysis.

Includes a post-course certificate, sent by email after completion of the lessons.

Objectives of the study

SAT Writing and Language

Students gain critical knowledge of the four major skill areas that the SAT is testing in the Writing and Language section of the exam. These major skill areas help students to improve their editorial skills in both 'little picture' areas such as grammar and punctuation, in addition to 'big picture' areas, which focus on supporting, organising and improving upon main ideas.


SAT Writing and Language includes 5 modules of 3 hours each.

Each module focuses on a specific aspect of SAT Writing and Language. All 5 modules form a programme of 15 hours which transforms every aspect of the learner's written eloquence.

  • Session I

    Writing and Language section overview

    • Skimming and scanning and other reading skills. Depending on the level of the student, the first session may include a refresher on skimming and scanning since all questions are passage based.
    • Data interpretation. Revise incorrect interpretations of data or add sentence using data in order to strengthen an argument.
  • Session II

    Command of evidence

    • Big Picture
    • Improve how a passage develops main ideas and supporting details
    • Focus is on overall meaning and function
    • Adding introductory sentences, supporting detail, or conclusion to improve impact
  • Session III

    Words in context

    • Little Picture
    • Best word or phrase for a sentence
    • Error correction
    • Word replacement to improve style or tone
  • Session IV

    Expression of ideas

    • Big Picture
    • Organisation of passage
    • Strength of argument 
    • Improving flow of ideas or making them more meaningful
  • Session V

    Standard English conventions

    • Little Picture
    • Identify and fix mistakes in clauses and sentences
    • Sentence structure, fragments and run-ons
    • Grammar - verb tense, parallel construction, subject-verb agreement and pronoun use
    • Punctuation - commas, apostrophes, colons and dashes
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Useful information

Each lesson is taught by a live tutor via Zoom

Each lesson is of 60 minutes duration