SAT Essay Writing

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SAT Essay Writing

Online Tutorial
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Academic Experience

Distance learning lessons taught by a live online tutor, via Zoom. 

Lessons are taught by tutors from the OISE faculty.

Ideal for the revision and practice of specific language skills.

Includes a pre-start Zoom meeting between the tutor and the student for level assessment and needs analysis.

Includes a post-course certificate, sent by email after completion of the lessons.

Objectives of the study

SAT Essay Writing

To develop a deep understanding of the essay writing process. To be able to effectively read and analyse a passage in order to explain how the author built their persuasive argument. This includes knowing how to use evidence, reasoning, and persuasive technique to be able to explain the author's position. In doing this, students learn how to understand and identify the interplay of main ideas and details.


SAT Essay writing includes 5 modules of 3 hours each.

Each module focuses on a specific aspect of SAT Essay writing. All 5 modules form a programme of 15 hours which transforms every aspect of the learner's written eloquence.

  • Session I

    Sat Essay writing overview

    • Skimming and scanning
    • How to identify main ideas and details
    • Supporting evidence and examples
  • Session II

    Analysing the Reading Passage 

    • Intro > Body > Conclusion
    • How does the author use each part in order to be persuasive?
    • Paraphrase/summarise key points in the passage
  • Session III

    Writing the introduction

    • Responding to SAT Essay Prompts 
    • Using the introduction to set the tone for the rest of the essay
    • Writing a coherent and concise introduction
  • Session IV

    Writing the Body Paragraph(s)

    • What information to include
    • Organisation
    • How to support and develop claims while using evidence from the passage
    • Explore how the author uses evidence and reasoning
    • How to cite evidence from a passage in order to support a point
    • Proper use of quotations 
  • Session V

    Revising the Essay

    • Does it explain how the passage author built their persuasive argument?
    • Is there evidence from the passage to support the explanation?
    • Is there correct style, tone, and use of varied grammar structures?
    • Is there correct standard English conventions and punctuation? 
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Useful information

Each lesson is taught by a live tutor via Zoom

Each lesson is of 60 minutes duration