In the pursuit of top-notch language education, students discover an exceptional option in OISE courses. From Junior High School through College, these programs aim to empower students to tackle complex topics, fostering well-rounded opinions in their target language. These courses don't just focus on language learning; they also aim to broaden students' understanding of global cultures and their roles as citizens of the world.

What sets these courses apart is their focus on linguistic immersion, providing an enriching experience. Studying in Europe allows students to immerse themselves in a vibrant cultural landscape, accelerating language mastery and fostering a global outlook. This preparation is vital for success in language proficiency exams often required for college admission or employment.

Studying in a target-language speaking nation offers significant benefits, allowing students to deepen their language skills surrounded by native speakers. Junior High School, High School, and college breaks provide ideal opportunities to improve language skills and prepare for exams. OISE's intensive programs, optimized for these periods, lay the foundation for future academic and professional success.

For students aiming for success in language exams OISE provides comprehensive support. This ensures students are well-prepared to excel, setting them on a path for success in higher education and their careers.

Where can I learn German?

OISE offers German language courses in Germany, in the city of Heidelberg all year round.  The school is located in the heart of the city and offers expert tuition in the German language. Heidelberg is located close to Frankfurt.


Where can I learn Spanish

OISE offers Spanish language courses in the city of Segovia all year round.  The school is located in the heart of the city and offers expert tuition in the Spanish language.  Segovia is located close to Madrid.

When is the school open?

OISE schools are open 52 weeks of the year.  Students can begin a course in any week of the year.

What is the accommodation like?

OISE Spain offers accommodation in residence.  The residence offers spacious accommodation in the very centre of the city.

OISE Germany offers homestay accommodation with local hosts.