Academic and Admissions Support

Academic and Admissions Support


The team at OISE is available to offer guidance in choosing the right course for each student, and assisting with enrolments and admissions.  Counsellors are available to discuss student needs and study objectives by phone or by email.  The service is personalized to the needs of each individual candidate.  OISE schools are small and, therefore, offer the opportunity to tailor tuition to the student's individual needs.

Office information

Opening hours:

Information and support is available 24 hours at

+44 (0) 1865 258333


International Admissions Office - Oxford

The OISE International Admissions Office is located in Oxford, England.  Counsellors advise students and parents about study options in the UK, in Spain and in Germany.  Course enrolments can be made via the International Admissions Office or directly to the school team.


OISE offers academic guidance to students and parents to help them make the best choice of study option.  The choice of course and the choice of study format depends on the student's personal ambitions and their own academic pathway.  OISE tutors and counsellors can advise on the right choice of course to match the student's ambitions.


OISE can assist students with every step of their language trip to Europe.  Counsellors can advise on aspects of the trip such as choices of accommodation and also connecting travel arrangements on arrival into Europe. 

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