A long term vision for individuals who want to engage and be engaged in the world as it evolves.


 I founded Oxford Intensive School of English on a strong conviction that total mastery of a second language requires learning determination guided by tutors who are pedagogically demanding of each and every course participant while providing individual support to use the language with confidence and serenity and aim for eloquence in speech and elegance in the written form. Being ambitious for the achievements of each individual student soon became an essential core value of OISE Oxford and I feel very proud that it is still kept very strong today.   

Till Gins, Founder of OISE
Signature de Till Gins


Allow learners to assert themselves and achieve beyond their expectations.


High achievers

Our Masterclasses are aimed at people with high ambitions and clearly defined goals. Whether they are young learners or professionals, their common points are the desire to improve their skills, the search for excellence, as well as their ability to implement all means necessary to achieve it.


Highly targeted

While speaking comprehensible and grammatically correct English is within everyone's reach, to be eloquent, to speak English, to share, to convince and to concretely achieve one's operational objectives is more rare, and therefore likely to make a difference.


High performance

Whatever the goal, the deadline or the challenge set, the important thing remains and will always be the result. This requires intensive work, both accompanied and individual. Far from "linguistic tourism" OISE courses offer learners the means to achieve their objectives.


Highly satisfactory

The intensity of learning, the privileged study environment, and the relationships created during the workshops and sessions are cherished memories and contacts for the future..


Key Dates

March 1973

OISE is founded

OISE is founded in Oxford as the first Tutorial based language learning establishment for professionals and highly motivated university students .


Summer schools for teenagers

Owing to many requests from parents for their children to benefit from the OISE pedagogical approach, the first summer schools started.

oise oxford

The Octorial programme is introduced

The Octorial programme is created for university students and pre-career young adults and these courses started being delivered in Bristol. 

The Octorial programme affords a certain amount of individual attention while providing interactive work in study classes of no more than 8. 

oise bristol

German language courses in Germany

To mirror the programmes offered to students in England to learn English, OISE launched programmes for German in Germany. In accordance with its individualised pedagogical approach it offered courses by means of Tutorials and Octorials.

oise heidelberg

OISE Cambridge opens

Octorial programmes complemented with Tutorial lessons were introduced in a new OISE school in Cambridge.

oise cambridge

OISE Boston opens

OISE is established in North America with the opening of a school in Boston. The aim of the school is to prepare students for fluency in American English by a means of Octorial courses and Tutorials.


The Quatorial programme is conceived

First introduced in Oxford to complement the Tutorial courses, the Quatorial programme was devised to give participants interactive lessons in order to practise the authentic use of the language.

oise segovie

OISE London opens

OISE’s expansion continues with the opening of a school in the very centre of the city of London.

oise londres

Scotland and Canada run OISE courses

The school in Scotland, based in Edinburgh, offers the Octorial programme supplement with Tutorials for those who require an even more intensive programme. In Canada OISE operates a school in central Montreal which offers courses entirely delivered by means of individual Tutorials.

Some numbers

Course formats adapted to all learners



Intensive for accelerated progress for specific purpose is more than one to one lessons, this method coaches the learner and creates strategies to identify obstacles and realise the personal ambitions of the learner.



Very small groups equals a high level of tutor attention and a clarity of focus on the academic aims of the group. Suited to professional development and specialisation.



Outcomes-led. Proximity to tutors leads to a collaborative and interactive programme. Learners are participative, collaborative, engaged and make fast progress. Suited to university students

Identité Oise

A unique identity

The OISE Group preserves a family spirit that always favours a long-term vision. It aims to ensure the development of each of its schools in respect to their identity and their autonomy by providing all the resources necessary for the creation and selective distribution of their services.