For those seeking the best way to learn a language, there's no better classroom than living in the country. Explore Spain, a land that resonates with centuries of captivating history at every corner – a nation that has been a melting pot of diverse cultures. Experience the vibrant culture firsthand while appreciating the contagious passion for life and hospitality that defines the locals.

Beyond its cultural richness, Spain is home to world-class universities, business schools, and management training institutions, positioning itself as a hub for academic excellence. The country's significance extends to professional opportunities, with major international companies shaping dynamic career paths.

Prepare for academic success by considering Spanish immersion programs like summer or Easter courses in Spain. These programs offer valuable opportunities to strengthen positions in exams and assessments. Discover academic opportunities in Spain, home to world-class universities and business schools. Immerse in management training schools that prepare for professional opportunities in major international companies, not only in Spain but also across the Spanish-speaking world. Engage with global commerce and elevate career prospects.

For language enthusiasts, Segovia is a sanctuary where the Spanish language maintains its purity. The city emerges as a cultural gem, perfectly positioned for exploration and immersed in the linguistic integrity of the Spanish language. Engaging in conversations with locals and savouring the eloquence of their expressions are just a few of the experiences this city has to offer. Segovia is a charming city nestled in the heart of Spain that serves as a gateway to another era, where every step along its narrow streets echoes with centuries of history. Beyond its cultural richness, Segovia’s strategic location is very convenient for exploring the rest of the country. Effortlessly visit historic wonders in Madrid, marvel at Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona, or appreciate the avant-garde architecture of Bilbao. With efficient trains and well-connected roads, Segovia provides a seamless platform for language learning in Spain, academic opportunities, professional growth, and an authentic immersion into the heart of Spain's compelling narrative.

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Why choose a language stay in Spain?

OISE language stays in Spain are an immersion in Iberian culture, a time to open up to the media broadcast in the country, but also to take advantage of the atmosphere leading to easy practice. The official language of 20 countries, mastering Spanish allows you to discover a variety of evolving civilizations known for their rich histories, their contributions to artistic movements, and their practical and theoretical advances in scientific fields. OISE courses are not classic language stays; intensive academic learning is combined with personalized teaching that adapts to the student's development as they acquire skills.

Who are language stays in Spain intended for?

Each OISE language stay in Spain is aimed at all students, whatever their level of mastery of the English language, thanks to the flexibility of its teaching teams. Adolescents (middle and high school students), students, adults and professionals wishing to improve their English can benefit from personalized language stays allowing students of all levels to deepen their knowledge and mastery of the English language at their own pace.

Which cities are offered for language stays in Spain?

OISE language stays in Spain are organized in the city of Segovia. Located in the northwest of Spain, the city of 50,000 inhabitants is galvanized by the presence of its two beautiful universities, and its tourist influx is attracted by the careful preservation of monuments dating back to Roman times. Like an open-air museum, the city exhibits its numerous works along the streets, inviting curiosity and learning.

Is it possible to go for a language stay in Spain all year round?

Language stays in Spain are available all year round, from Sunday to Saturday, for students, adults and professionals. They can choose the length of stay according to their needs. Teenagers can take a language trip to Germany during school holidays or throughout the summer period.