Master the language with eloquence

Master the language with eloquence

Because a good education is a powerful tool that brings distinction, OISE strives to make its programs more than just a traditional language training. The OISE courses encourage students to improve themselves to become exceptional, charismatic, and bilingual communicators.

a student giving an eloquent speech

True eloquence is not achieved solely through mastery of the language. It requires a compelling tone, a captivating body language, and a controlled pace. In addition to the knowledge of the language, a bilingual person must have strong public speaking skills that allow them to express themselves easily.

An informed communicator knows how to convey his message with strength and nuance: their linguistic skills put them in a privileged position and allow them to express their ideas with precision, as well as with humor and empathy. This is the true goal of any cosmopolitan speaker.

The programmes at OISE are inspired by the teaching techniques of the Oxford University, which for more than 800 years has embraced an individual-centred approach to teaching. Courses are tailor-made and designed to offer each student a stronger voice.