Develop confidence, accuracy, and improve fluency abroad with OISE immersive language programmes

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Individually adapted language courses for pupils, students and professionals

Since 1973, OISE's language courses in small classes of 4 and 8 students, and one-to-one lessons have been specifically designed to meet the aspirations of ambitious children, students and professionals, challenging them to exceed their own expectations. Intensive programmes delivered by enthusiastic professionals help individuals pass tests with composure, prepare students for their entry into professional life, and aide professionals in developing their language skills for international business.

Children (7-13)

Tailored English language courses in England encouraging young learners to follow their bilingual ambitions.

Teenagers (13-17)

Teenagers can learn and develop English, Spanish, or German skills in a variety of locations across the globe.


Language trips for students wishing to further develop languages and the skills necessary for exams & certificates.


English, Spanish and German Language trips in the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain and Canada for professionals.

Language trips to the schools of OISE

OISE was founded in 1973 by Till Gins. Till has always believed that a strong relationship between the learner and teacher is hugely important to language development. This more intimate relationship is central to the OISE approach to language trips. Till and OISE have refined the teaching approach over the years to directly meet our learners’ individual needs.

OISE's language learning philosophy is based on a very narrow student-teacher ratio. Classes can thus be adapted to the needs and the level of each participant.

Intensive programmes are delivered by enthusiastic professionals, ensuring that each individual learner is able to excel and integrate the knowledge learnt in the classroom directly into real-life situations.

OISE Culture

Our schools and students are at the heart of everything we do. If you’re considering a language trip with OISE, you can hear out about our students’ study experiences first-hand, explore our learning resources, and find useful information about the latest developments at our OISE language schools.

Would you like to know more?

Choosing the right learning path and the most suitable language trip is important. Whilst you can request a brochure, our team has a wealth of experience in making sure that you have the best and right learning experience. We’re happy to answer any of your questions to help you choose the best language programme abroad for your specific requirements.

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