English Language School, Oxford

English Language School, Oxford

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English Language Tuition in Oxford

  • Immersive Programmes
  • 15 to 40 hours of tuition per week
  • English for professional development, academic growth and social enrichment
  • Individual tuition or classes of 2-4 students
  • Challenging, intensive English programmes

About OISE Oxford

Founded in 1973, OISE began in Oxford. Immersive English language tuition in a multicultural environment sees learners meeting and working alongside like-minded peers from around the world. This interaction develops learner's abilities to perceive cultural differences among English speakers. The acquisition of English and focus on communicative skills allows students to feel at ease using English in the global environment. Immersive English language programmes allow the student to achieve presence in English. OISE Oxford specialises in delivering tailored programmes which reflect the intellectual rigour of the University and, in the true spirit of academic pursuit, challenge learners to exceed their expectations. The English language tuition goes beyond the mechanics of the language as students learn through English to unlock their own skills. The Oxford school has pioneered the methods of all OISE schools and has been delivering English language programmes in Oxford to ambitious business professionals, dedicated academics and motivated students for over 45 years.

English Language Tuition

Students learn English in Oxford to develop confidence, improve accuracy, grow written and oral fluency, develop their ability to think in English and express ideas clearly. Tuition at OISE Oxford develops learners’ communicability as a whole, including linguistic aspects, such as grammar and pronunciation, and non-linguistic skills such as assertiveness and intercultural awareness. Tutors design programmes around the student to further their language acquisition skills. This is achieved by tutors investigating students recognised and unrecognised needs, and negotiating individual plans for development. English is situated in the practical context in which the students need to perform. Use of authentic and up to the minute material guarantees relevance to today’s world and allows the application of the knowledge acquired. The goal is to reduce the barrier between the classroom and the real world. Reducing this means that students can retain and apply their knowledge more effectively. Students learn through English, rather than just the mechanics of the language. Lessons challenge the students’ by promoting engagement with cognitively stimulating topics and using higher order thinking skills to develop eloquent and persuasive use of the language. The school aims to develop students’ communicative abilities for everyday interactions, and for extended discourse.

English Language Formats and Programmes

Programmes are designed to be suitable for business and academic language progress across a wide variety of subject areas. The course components (further information here) have been designed to encompass the broad skills of communication in English, to allow students to display and develop their abilities through the language. Programmes are available in either of the following formats, or a blend of both for the broadest acquisition of language and skills.

Tutorial™ - individual classes for development in English
Individual tuition forms the basis of the 
school's teaching. Inspired by the University, these one-on-one classes offer the most intensive tuition. Tutorials act as a catalyst for growth by allowing students to focus on precisely the language, skills and abilities they need. Learner and tutor identify areas for progress, set ambitious goals and work collaboratively to achieve this personal development. Tutorials offer the most efficient way to drive progress, whether the learner is a complete beginner or an advanced speaker needing focus on only certain skill areas. 

Quatorial™ - a fully interactive environment stimulating communicative competence in English
Quatorial groups of up to 4 students of similar needs and objectives develop skills and confidence for effective interaction in English. Students are led to overcome language barriers by tutors using authentic, up-to-the minute materials. Learning is situated in a practical context designed to mirror the international world students need to excel in. Tutors enable scholars to think in English by stimulating higher-order thinking skills and growing confidence.

OISE Oxford can prepare students with English for specialisations including: law; engineering; medicine; aviation; media; marketing; accountancy and many more. Please visit the course page for more information on available programmes and classes.

Exam Preparation

Preparation for exams goes beyond language learning. As well as offering courses for language development, OISE Oxford tutors assist in developing the exam skills necessary to succeed. Students can prepare for an exam and sit it during their time in school, or develop their broader language abilities and exam study-skills to excel in an exam after more individual practice. Learners achieve the greatest success by preparing for exams in Tutorials, and growing broader communicative skills in group classes. Students can participate in multiple practice tests, whilst developing with their tutors a toolkit of skills and strategies to optimise performance in the exam.

Programmes can be used to prepare for many exams, such as TOEFL, BULATS, TOEIC, University of Cambridge Examinations, TOLES and GMAT. The BULATS test can be taken in school. OISE Oxford has special programmes for IELTS and Abitur preparation. OISE Oxford can assist with booking various exams for students at differing costs - please contact the office at oxford@oise.com to discuss.

Cultural Programme

Oxford combines the advantages of a big city with a tranquil and studious atmosphere. OISE Oxford enhances classroom content with a cultural programme exposing students to the English language and British culture in an informal setting. 5 cultural activities per week are offered, all of which are included in the course price. Activities vary from week to week depending on which events are happening in Oxford. An Oxford local leads the activity to offer information, answer questions and promote a welcoming atmosphere. Oxford is a popular tourist destination and the school tries to expose its students to the best of the city. Typical activities include: traditional afternoon tea; punting; walking tours; museum and college visits; trips to historic Oxford pubs; theatre and cinema trips. Click here to see a sample of available activities in the leisure programme.

Accommodation for OISE Oxford


Homestay accommodation allows students to experience British life. This cultural exchange furthers immersion in English. Each homestay provider has been visited by a member of the team, and many have hosted for many years. Students receive guidance on travelling from homestay to school. Click here for more information.


Students who prefer more independence can stay at a self-catering, en-suite residence. OISE Oxford partners with NOA Residence in desirable Summertown, a 10 minute bus journey away. Click here for more information or contact the school for alternate options. In Summer, the school partners with Exeter House.

Hotels and Guest Houses

For students looking for greater luxury, OISE Oxford can recommend a number of hotels and guest-houses in the local area. For more information, take a look at our recommended hotel list or contact the Accommodation Officer to find the most suitable accommodation.


During the months of July and August, students have the opportunity to stay in Oxford University's historic colleges, mere minutes from the school. This setting provides the inspiration for intensive study and an insight into the unique atmosphere of college life. Click here for more information and contact the school for price information.

Arrangements for Under-18s

During the year, those under the age of 18 stay with specially verified homestay providers. They must be back at the house by a specified time. For Summer, they are able to stay in Brasenose College, a supervised residence. Please contact the school or see this policy for more information on care of under-18s.

Oxford: transport, location and about the school

Oxford is central and easily accessed from other major cities in the UK, and is only 50 minutes from London. The city is well served by public transport from a number of major airports and international stations including London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Luton, St Pancras International, Birmingham Airport and Birmingham International. OISE Oxford is happy to assist in arranging taxi transfers from these locations or recommending public transport options. Click here for more information on travelling to Oxford.

The city of Oxford is the ideal location in which to take an English language course, as students are inspired by the narrow streets and beautiful architecture of the city and University. There are numerous coffee shops (including England's first, as referenced in Samuel Pepys' diary) and quiet, historic public houses (fans can visit the pubs where Thomas Hardy, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien wrote and discussed literature) abound for students to relax in after a hard day's work improving their skills.

OISE Oxford is situated in an enviable location in the very heart of Oxford, above the Covered Market with its shops, cafes and bustling food stalls. The school is within easy walking distance of all Oxford’s major attractions, such as the world-famous Ashmolean Museum, the enchanting Bodleian Library and, of course, Oxford University’s historic colleges. The language school has three floors, stylishly combining modern décor with exposed wooden beams and listed window facades. The one-to-one classes take place in small, purpose-built rooms. Rooms for small groups are equipped with a whiteboard and some with a screen. A student lounge area is daily stocked with newspapers, complimentary tea, coffee and refreshments. Click here for a fact-sheet about the school.

Oxford is served by excellent bus services and, for the majority of students, this is the easiest way to get around. Students are provided with information about the most suitable bus route for them before arrival, and general bus information
can be found here.


accreditation one
accreditation two

Courses: OISE Oxford

The Personal Competency Programme: an interactive environment builds confidence and trans-cultural awareness.     
The programme has (weekly): 22.5 Quatorial hours (4:1), 5 Octorial workshops (8:1), 2.5 hours of plenaries (no size limit) with optional individual Tutorials

  without Tutorials
30h per week
plus 5 Tutorials
35h per week
plus 7.5 Tutorials
37.5h per week
plus 10 Tutorials
35h per week
(without Octorials)
plus 15 Tutorials
40h per week
(without Octorials) 
weekly price for 2 or 3 week programme £1280 £1713 £1930 £2065 £2499

Tutorial Programme: a team of tutors offer completely tailored tuition with extensive personal attention and detailed feedback.
The Integrated Tutorial: combining intensive personal study with multinational collaborative learning workshops.     
The programme has (weekly): 17.5 Tutorial hours, 10 Quatorial hours (4:1), 5 Octorial workshops (8:1) and 1 hour of plenary sessions

  Tutorial 15
15h per week
Tutorial 20
20h per week
Tutorial 25
25h per week
Tutorial 30
30h per week
The Integrated Tutorial
33.5h per week
weekly price for 2 or 3 week programme £1627 £2061 £2495 £2929 £2288

Course fee includes: the programme; teaching materials; support of an academic counsellor; placement testing and pre-course assessment; course certificate under Common European Framework of Reference; 5 weekly cultural activities; access to multimedia resources and Wi-Fi; single room in a homestay with half-board.

Alternate length stays differ in weekly price:

for 1 week course:
supplement of £90
for 4-7 week courses:
subtract £30 per week
for 8-11 week courses:
subtract £60 per week
for over 12 week courses:
subtract £85 per week
OISE Oxford takes pride in bespoke courses that are adapted to the needs of the student. Please contact the school to discuss which programme best suits your needs and whether you require/desire any adaptations.

Sample Timetable: OISE Oxford

  Personal Competency Programme without Tutorials Personal Competency Programme with 5 Tutorials Personal Competency Programme with 10 Tutorials The Integrated Tutorial Tutorial Programmes
08:45 – 09:00 News Review (Tuesday-Friday) News Review News Review News Review News Review
09:00 – 10:30 Comprehension and Expression (4:1) Comprehension and Expression Comprehension and Expression Tutorial (1:1) Tutorial
10:30 - 10:45 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10:45 - 11:45 Accuracy (4:1) Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy Tutorial
11:45 - 12:45 Project Seminar (4:1) Project Seminar Project Seminar Project Seminar Tutorial/Self-study
12:45 - 13:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:40 - 14:00 Plenary Plenary Plenary Plenary Plenary
14:00 – 15:00 Critical Reasoning (4:1) Critical Reasoning Critical Reasoning Tutorial Tutorial/Self-Study
15:30 – 16:30 Self-Study Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial/Self-Study
16:30 – 17:30 Spoken Assertiveness (8:1) Spoken Assertiveness Tutorial Spoken Assertiveness Tutorial/Self-Study

The school is open until 18:00 for self-study. Tutors issue homework and guidance for fruitful self-study, which is key for language absorption and individual development. Please note that this timetable is intended for guidance and actual timetabling varies depending on student and tutor availability.