Intensive French Courses at OISE Paris

OISE Paris offers the incredible opportunity of complete French immersion in the heart of Paris, surrounded by all the food, drink, arts, architecture, and most importantly the ambience that make the city so adored by both Parisians and visitors. OISE Paris is an ideal location for intensive French language coaching.

Tuition & Training Centre

OISE Paris is situated in Montparnasse a short walk from Jardin du Luxembourg, in a typical 1920's building where the period features mix with the signature OISE modern furnishings. The school is very welcoming and comfortable, with glass walls offering plenty of light throughout. Participants have access to wifi and computers at all times. Tea and coffee are available for students throughout the day and breaks between classes offer great opportunities to sip some coffee with a patisserie and chat with tutors and students.

The bespoke courses offered by OISE Paris and its experienced and knowledgable staff are designed to the needs of the individual, whether for academic or professional purposes. The maximum personal attention is assured by intensive courses in either one-to-one tuition or in small groups of 4, allowing the students' specific needs to be addressed. Tutors at the training centre are experienced in helping students prepare for various international exams in French including DELF, DALF and TEF by simulating exam conditions and by structuring language classes around the format of the exam paper. OISE Paris also offers courses to prepare students in the UK towards the French AS and A2 Level examinations.


Grand, elegant and enchanted, Paris is a wonderful city that immerses visitors in French language and culture. Visit the Eiffel Tower for spectacular views of the city, visit the thousands of artworks and artefacts in the city's galleries and museums such as the Louvre with its captivating glass pyramid, take a boat trip down the Seine and feast on French delicacies in some of the best restaurants in the world. Paris has a strong spirit of challenging ideas and being innovative, attracting students to the prestigious Sorbonne University and visitors to the modern Centre Pompidou on the edge of the Marais. Paris is the ideal location for intensive French language study.

Social Programme

The training centre is proud to offer students an offering of recreational and cultural activities outside of class that enriches their unique French language experience by providing opportunities to communicate in French in many different contexts with Parisians. OISE Paris takes students to typical French restaurants to sample French delicacies and on trips to the famous Louvre and other museums to see world-renowned art. Guided tours of the city in French offer a glimpse into history and allow students to explore the arrondissements of Paris.


OISE Paris offers excellent homestay accommodation with hosts who enjoy the company of students and have a genuine interest in helping them to develop fluency in French. Metro services throughout Paris ensure students can reach the training centre each day for classes within 45 minutes. The accommodation officer is happy to help with alternative hotel arrangements if required.


Paris is well served by both Charles De Gaulle and Orly airports, with flights to many international destinations. Frequent Eurostar services make London accessible within two and a half hours. Paris offers extensive rail services to all major French cities by the high-speed TGV, and other services to regions around Europe.