OISE York, English Summer School

OISE York, English Summer School

Ages 11-13 and 13-17

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Course overview

  • 23 hours of classes per week
  • 6-8 students per class
  • Residential accommodation
  • Open throughout July
  • Arrival/departure transfer on standard dates and times

About OISE York

OISE York, located on the Queen Ethelburga's College campus, is home to a formidable educational complex protected by a huge park and surrounded by numerous sports fields. It is in this special place that a high-performance language course is organised.

The course accepts students aged 11-13 and 13-17 from all over the world, with 8 students per class the students are guaranteed an intense linguistic stay.


In a modern environment away from the city, the aim of the courses is to encourage students to express themselves in English with confidence.

The practice of English is not limited to classes: every day, during the simulation workshops and during leisure activities, throughout the day students are used to speaking English. It is more than a technical work of the language that OISE York offers, it is a complete immersion.

Summer School Programme in York

Students of all levels are able to attend the programme in York. From beginner (A1) to advanced (C1), the content is adapted to everyone. Classes are organized according to levels. Everyone is challenged and works according to their abilities and can thus progress to the maximum.

Cultural Programme

Every week, leisure activities complete the course program. During their language stay in York, students have the opportunity to spend a day in Leeds, Manchester or Liverpool. During the week, relaxation evenings are organised. All the students then get together, for example, for a disco evening, a film evening, or a workshop in the presence of birds of prey.




OISE York at Queen Ethelburga’s accommodates students in the modern school residences. These are small dormitories for between 4 and 6 students and offer en-suite bathroom facilities. Meals are provided in the school dining hall where special dietary requirements can be considered and a vegetarian option is always available. The accommodation is split between male and female blocks and staff members are always on hand to help out at any time of day or night.

Travel and location

Young Learners are greeted by dedicated and experienced members of the OISE courier team at London airports or the Eurostar terminal within standard hours as part of their course package to ensure their safe and comfortable transfer. Students are then accompanied to the Welcome Lounge, a facility with food and refreshments as well as activities to keep students occupied until they are taken onward to the school.

Founded in 71AD, York has a rich historical past. The ancient city walls still exist and contain the network of tiny cobbled streets which now play host to a number of cafes and quirky independent shops. In 2014 students were able to see the Tour de France pass through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside a short distance from the school.


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The Summer School Curriculum - York 

1 week £1,560
2 weeks £2,960
3 weeks £4,350
4 weeks £5,740
5 weeks £7,130
6 weeks £8,520


York Seniors (13-17)
20th of June for:
1,2,3,4,5,6 weeks

7th of July for:
1,2,3,4,5 weels

14th of July for:
1,2,3,4 weeks

21st of July for:
1,2,3 weeks

28th of July for:
1, 2 weeks

York Juniors (11-13)
30th of June for:
1,2,3,4 weeks

7th of July for:
1,2,3 weeks

14th of July for:
1,2 weeks

21st of July for:
1 week