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It has always been my strongest belief that language acquisition is based on a strong relationship between the learner and the teacher, as reflected in the development of the mother tongue in the family environment. This knowledge has brought me to position personal tuition at the heart of our academic architecture.
Our mission is to make a significant contribution to our students’ future success in life through inspirational language teaching which challenges the learner and is focused on results.

Academic Board

The OISE Academic Board meets periodically to challenge the academic and educational integrity of all OISE courses. The Board is chaired by Marion Williams, who is a prominent teacher trainer.

Why us?

OISE Language Masterclass offers unrivalled depth and dynamism in language learning, and considers every detail of the participant's learning experience to achieve the required results.


OISE has been awarded the Feefo Trusted Merchant Accreditation for 2018, which recognises the excellent course delivery and customer service OISE always delivers, in the eyes of its genuine students.

Academic Board

The OISE Academic Board meets once a quarter to challenge the pedagogy and educational integrity of all OISE courses.The Board is chaired by Marion Williams, who is a prominent teacher trainer, university lecturer and author in the field of language learning and teaching. Her published academic papers centre around psychology in language learning. The rest of the board is formed by internal academic managers as well as external experts in the field of language.
The mission of the Academic Board is to hold the teaching in schools to account and to ensure it corresponds to OISE’s principles of academic rigour for serious and courageous language coaching. OISE sponsors tutors’ research into innovative effective learning techniques as an ongoing initiative.


OISE offers unrivalled depth and dynamism in language learning, and considers every detail of the participant's learning experience to achieve the required results. OISE's uncompromising standards and constant innovation in every area of the learner's experience make OISE a clear choice for serious and ambitious language learners.

OISE prides itself on small classes and intensive courses using an innovative and dynamic approach to learning that embraces interaction. Classes never exceed 8 students to 1 tutor. Courses can be taken any week of the year from 1 to 52 weeks to maximise the student’s flexibility.

The learner's goals are at the heart of the tuition, and courses are designed to meet these needs using a range of activities to sustain engagement and focus. This is achieved through a needs assessment before each course, along with feedback from tutors and monitoring of learner progress. The OISE Academic Board ensures that tuition is consistently rigorous across all schools.

Study environment - The layout of each school is specifically designed around the learning experience with one-to-one classrooms and group classrooms for 4 to 8 students, with open-plan offices to allow students to chat to staff at any point about their experience. All training centres are outfitted with modern and comfortable OISE furnishings, setting the tone for concentrated study. Complimentary refreshments and WIFI is available in student and professional training centres.

The entire study environment is engineered to remove all distractions to the learning process; making students feel as comfortable, focused and enriched as possible.

Toutes à l'école

Girls represent less than a third of all children enrolled in schools worldwide. The association Toutes à l’école was founded in 2005 and aims to provide "a high level of education for young girls from the poorest families in order to provide them with a sense of freedom and dignity for their future”. Equally convinced of the influential power of education and its ability to transform the life of young students, OISE joins this inspiring educational project based in Cambodia.

From the very first contact with the association, OISE immediately identified with the clear mission statement and intent of Toutes à l’école and Till Gins recognised the same passion that drives him in Tina Kieffer, founder of the educational association: A rigorous educational program that goes beyond traditional ambitions and supports others to excel, a distinctive initiative upheld by profound goals and values. These are characteristics that apply equally to both OISE and Toutes à l’école.

For this reason OISE has decided to offer both a financial and humanitarian commitment to the entire work of this inspiring and valuable project.
In addition to financial donations towards the everyday running of the school, OISE would like Toutes à l’école to benefit from the educational expertise OISE has acquired over the years.
Therefore, in 2015 eight of the young Cambodian girls were chosen for their enthusiasm to learn English and were given the the opportunity to attend an OISE young learners language course for two weeks in the UK. Furthermore the head of English at Happy Chandara was invited to attend an OISE teacher training programme in the UK. Finally one of our OISE young learners tutors, James, was chosen to join the teaching staff in Cambodia to teach English for one year. In the summer of 2016, OISE had the pleasure of hosting 25 girls from Happy Chandara on summer courses to develop their English in Folkestone and Newbury. The relationship between Toutes à l´école and OISE developed further as James opted to stay at Happy Chandara and a further two places were awarded to tutors Henry and Izzy, who have both held senior positions in OISE schools.

Global Business Coalition for Education - #SmartInvestment

GBC-Education created the #SmartInvestment network, of which OISE Language Masterclass is a member alongside other companies pledging to engage deeper in education throughout the developing world.
The Global Business Coalition for Education is an action-oriented organisation supported by UNESCO, UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, that brings together corporate leaders and companies committed to delivering quality education for all of the world’s children and youth.
As such, OISE Language Masterclass believes its core business values, social responsibility and philanthropy can be powerful tools to expand education opportunities for children and youth in need.
Companies in the network use their influence, core business, social responsibility, strategic investments, thought leadership, or philanthropy – in collaboration with other companies, government, nonprofits and the educational community – to increase the number of children and youth who are in school and learning.
Education and business leaders are exploring innovative models for social investment to channel private sector resources to improve education systems. As well as strengthening corporate humanitarianism, the focus is on developing new financing models that reflect the shared interest, value and returns of investment in education.