Teaching for OISE

Teaching for OISE

OISE recruits tutors at all stages in their career and from varied professional backgrounds to tutor and inspire the course participants.


OISE values tutors who have achieved academic and ESL qualifications.  In addition OISE is excited to recruit tutors from a wide range of backgrounds and interests who inspire students with their energy and their spirit of curiosity. 

We teach the American English program, which is designed to give students the skills to be effective in American English (either for work or study purposes) and which is set in the context of American history, culture and civilization.  Course participants are highly motivated and ambitious and curious to understand the historical and social and economic context of the US in the world today. 

Tutors can expect to be working in a dynamic environment, curating bespoke course content about world news and the topical issues which are shaping the world today.  Courses are short and intensive.  Students look forward to working to the maximum of their ability during their stay and OISE Boston enjoys connecting with tutors who are keen to rise to the challenge of delivering lessons which engage the minds of the course participants.

The school is run and managed by the Head of Educational Governance.  Tutors are selected from a wide range of backgrounds and teaching hours are flexible allowing, if desired, for tutors to combine teaching work with their other academic or professional activities.