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Prepare for the GMAT exam

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Academic Experience

Key points

Students train to gain experience and acquire the skills necessary to achieve their desired score in the GMAT exam. Teachers challenge students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation.  This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations.

Students sit rehearsal tests under exam conditions. These are repeated as required to build confidence and familiarity with the exam.

Small class sizes allow for close tutor attention, which provides students with confidence and familiarity in the exam format.

All students who successfully complete this course are eligible for a course certificate. Completion consists of submitting the final course assignment.

Homework tasks are set daily to allow learners to reflect on and consolidate what they have learned in the day, as well as prepare for the next day.

This course focuses on not only increasing the student’s ability to think critically on a topic, but also their ability to then analyse that subject within its given context. Additionally, the course refreshes the student’s knowledge of some of the more complex parts of English grammar in order to write clearly, concisely and also understand complicated written texts.



Objective of the stay

To make the student familiar with the exam and to give the student the confidence and skills required to achieve the maximum possible score in the exam.


Quatorial Programme: GMAT preparation

25 hours per week

The tutor coaches the learner in the content of the exam and guides them with strategies for understanding and navigating the test questions.

Each module focuses on different aspects of academic skills, the ability to think critically on a topic and how to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a particular argument.

 Assignments are set for homework and during lesson time there is repeated work on essay writing, vocabulary, comprehension and speaking practice.


  • Course Content
    Session I:
    • Academic Skill: Skimming and Scanning
    • Academic Skill: Making Inference
    • Tone and attitude of a reading passage
    Session II:
    • Critical Reasoning Skills → Evaluating Arguments/Opinions
    • Academic Skill: Summarizing and Paraphrasing
    Session III:
    • Analytical Writing Assessment
    • Essay Template
    • Identifying relevant points to be discussed
    • Looking for ‘flaw patterns’ in the writing being analyzed
    Session IV:
    • Complex Grammar Revision
    • Sentence Completion and Error Correction on the GMAT
    Session V:
    • Multi-Source Reasoning
    • Table Analysis


Attentes prévues

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Take notes on a piece of listening.
  • Summarise and paraphrase an unfamiliar passage of text.
  • Plan, structure and write a report or essay of 500 words.
  • Report verbally and in writing the data/information shown in diagrams and graphs.
  • Speak in an interview situation for 5 minutes.


Hébergement sur place


Half-board homestay

Homestay accommodation is provided for all learners on a half-board basis. Homestay arrivals the Sunday before the course begins, and departures the Saturday after the course ends.

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The Experience of Living in Boston

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Price Includes

The price includes 25 hours of tuition per week, half-board accommodation in a homestay and a cultural programme.

(Note: course fees do not include examination fees which will vary depending on the chosen exam and examination centre.)