TOEIC Preparation - Reading and Listening

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TOEIC Preparation - Reading and Listening

Online Tutorial
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Academic Experience

Each lesson is live and taught by a tutor via Zoom

Includes a pre-course Zoom meeting between the tutor and the student for level assessment and needs analysis.

Before the start of the course, the student is sent an assignment to be completed before the course and a short reading list.

All students who successfully complete this course are eligible for a Course Certificate. Completion consists of submitting the final course assignment. Certificates are sent by email after the end of the course.

Students sit rehearsal tests under exam conditions. These are repeated as required to build confidence and familiarity with the exam.


Course aims

To make the student familiar with the exam and to give the student the confidence and skills required to achieve the maximum possible score in the test.


A very complete programme

The tutor coaches the learner in the content of the exam and guides them with strategies for understanding and navigating the test questions. Assignments are set for homework and during lesson time there is repeated work on essay writing, vocabulary, comprehension and speaking practice.


The TOEIC exam is a very specific exam and on this course students focus on the reading & listening skills that they need in order to achieve their TOEIC goals.


  • Course Content
    Module 1: Reading Tasks One & Two- Incomplete sentences & text completion
    • Students must first complete individual sentences with the best response & in part two complete sentences within a passage.
    • Exam grammar
    • Exam vocabulary


    Module 2: Reading Task Three- Reading comprehension
    • Active reading
    • Skimming & scanning


    Module 3: Reading Task Four- Reading comprehension
    • Summarizing and paraphrasing 


    Module 4:  Listening Task One- Photographs
    • Listen to four statements about a photo, select & write best/most accurate statement
    • Separating details from the general idea

    Listening Task Two- Question/Response

    • Listen to a question or a command & choose the best response out of three possible answers.
    • Grammar


    Module 5: Listening Task Three- Conversations
    • Thirteen conversations between two or three people, three questions per conversation
    • Topics & question types
    • Determining main ideas and speaker roles
    • Making inference

    Listening Task Four- Talks/Lectures

    • Ten lectures, thirty questions 
    • Topics & question types


Attentes prévues

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, the student is expected to be able to:

  • Respond to questions under timed conditions
  • Understand sentence structure
  • Take notes on a piece of listening
  • Summarise and paraphrase an unfamiliar passage of text
  • Speak in an interview for 5 minutes
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Useful Information

Each lesson is live and taught by a tutor via Zoom

Each lesson is of 60 minutes duration

Lessons can be taken at any time from Monday - Saturday 09.00 to 18.00 EST