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American English

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Academic Experience

Key Points


  • Students train to gain experience and acquire the skills necessary to use the language at a high level - teachers push students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation. This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
  • The small number of students in each group provides participants with a learning experience tailored to each individual's needs, while benefiting from the participants' experiences and cultural diversity. Small class sizes also allow for a large amount of individual coaching, which helps to provide students with the confidence and disposition to master the language in a stimulating environment.
  • The course exposes learners to a range of authentic sources from different academic subjects, piquing their intellectual curiosity alongside exposing them to different styles and registers, as well as new vocabulary and structures. Students debate, discuss and analyse these sources, leading to increased confidence and fluency alongside enhanced critical thinking skills.

Objective of the stay

To make a major step in the mastery of the language


The American English Program

  • The opening plenary

     A group discussion of current events. Students practice public speaking and presentational skills in a relaxed informal setting. 


    Comprehension and Expression 

    Students practice comprehension of reading and listening passages, build vocabulary, and express opinions. 

    Lesson Content:

    •  Exercises to practice active expression 
    • Exercises for clear pronunciation 
    • Idiomatic Language 
    • Regional Dialects & Accents 

    Learner Outcomes

    •  Ability to adapt tone, register, pace, emphasis of the spoken language
    •  Speak with clarity and be understood 

    Themes: Informality in American English, American notion of Liberty/Individuality from the past and how it manifests itself today, Relationships- family, friends & tribalism, American Literature and Music 



    Language structures and lexis development to achieve an accurate use of grammar, idioms and vocabulary. It is complemented with work on a wide range of materials (reports, articles, studies) to sharpen the learner’s understanding of written documents. 

    Lesson Content 

    • Writing tasks in different styles and registers 
    • Grammar and structure practice drills 
    • Vocabulary 

    Learner Outcomes 

    • Deep understanding of the language 
    • Ability to manipulate the language 

    Themes: U.S. History, Government, and American Social Movements (civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights). 


    Critical Analysis 

    Develops the participant’s ability to analyze and process information in English. 

    Students apply critical thinking skills by researching and evaluating texts, then producing cogent, well-structured responses. 

    Lesson Content 

    • Writing techniques and strategies 
    • Debate 
    • Opinion Essay Writing

     Learner Outcomes 

    • Ability to write with impact 
    • Communicate a message in clear written English 

    Themes: American idea of ‘Freedom’, American Consumerism & Conspicuous Consumption, American Music & Literature through the centuries, Social Movements throughout U.S. History.


    Spoken Assertiveness 

    A fluency skills session to improve pronunciation and to help the learner overcome inhibitions and group communication anxieties. 

    Lesson Content 

    • Problem solving projects 
    • Public Speaking
    • Informality in American Language
    •  American Accent Training 

    Learner Outcomes 

    • Team-building skills 
    • Ability to maintain focus
    •  Cross-cultural collaboration  

    Themes: Public Speaking in work situations - meetings/lectures, Public Speaking in a university setting - presentations, group work, campus conversations.


    Self-Study Project Assignment 

    Each student works either autonomously or in a group of up to four maximum on engaging tasks to produce a final end of week piece of work

Attentes prévues

Expected Outcomes

Increased mastery of the language, students become bold and confident users of English whilst speaking with accuracy and fluency. 

Hébergement sur place


Half-board homestay

Homestay accommodation is provided for all learners on a half-board basis. Homestay arrivals the Sunday before the course begins, and departures the Saturday after the course ends.

Se déplacer

The experience of living in Boston

With a history spanning over almost 400 years, Boston is one of the most culturally-rich cities in the United States. Having been site to several defining moments of the nation’s history, Boston offers visitors a wealth of museums and places of historical importance where they are able to gain a deep understanding of the city and its history and culture.


Cultural program

The cultural programme at OISE Boston is designed to expose students to the best of what the city has to offer. With a history spanning over almost 400 years, Boston is one of the most culturally-rich cities in the United States and students are exposed to this wealth of history through walking tours, visits to museums and galleries and trips to historic landmarks such as the USS Constitution ship. Students also benefit from the academic side to the city, and are able to visit the Harvard campus and participate in the unique Boston summer tradition of watching Harvard and MIT compete at the Head of the Charles Regatta, the world’s largest two-day rowing event from the banks of the Esplanade.

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Useful Information

Price includes

The price includes tuition, half-board homestay accommodation, a cultural program, all learning materials and a certificate at the end of the course.