Academic English

For University Students

Master English, Get into College

OISE puts ambitious learners on the fast track to enter an English-speaking university. Students develop not only their English skills, but also the assertiveness and critical thinking to utilize those skills in the lecture hall, lab, academic conference, and beyond. OISE prepares students for international academic and professional communication. This transformation, like studying at a university in English, is not easy - but both are rewarding.

Individual Attention

Personal Tutors

OISE tutors are like personal trainers. They hold students to the high standards that their careers demand and challenge them to communicate their ideas effectively, using the English they have. As a result, students discover their power to influence people on an international scale.

With coaching from OISE, university students develop the English skills they need for academic success.


Active Participation

Become familiar with the general language of business and develop a strong vocabulary in a particular industry.


Written and Spoken Presentation

Present opinions and solutions clearly and effectively in conversation and in presentations.


Critical Thinking

Improve professional writing skills and gain a clear, concise, and authoritative voice.

To begin planning a course, choose from two types of lesson or learn more about life at OISE.


One-on-one lessons with or without group workshops, offering extremely intensive and personalized learning.

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Lessons in groups of up to 4 students with workshops, offering many opportunities for practicing international communication.

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Student Life

Information about accommodation, visas, Boston, OISE facilities, and more.

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Boston: The American Capital of Education

Home to over 20 higher education institutions, including MIT and Harvard University, Boston is an ideal location for students preparing to enter a US university.

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