A Sophisticated Mastery of English

  • Teenagers
  • Newbury, England

A Sophisticated Mastery of English

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Academic Experience

Key Points

Programmes run year-round. Start any Sunday for a minimum stay of 1 week. Departure on Saturday.

Small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention from their tutors, providing a learning experience which is unique to their needs. This close proximity between students and teachers fosters close relationships and a supportive environment, which builds confidence amongst the young learners and encourages them to succeed.
Teachers push students to achieve to the maximum of their potential, and set milestones and goals for each student, with constant evaluation. This sets the pace for each learner to surpass their academic expectations and achieve more than they thought possible.
In tandem with English language development, the course piques the intellectual curiosity of the learners by exposing them to a range of authentic sources from different academic subjects, which in turn develops their critical thinking skills as they discuss and analyse them.
The mix of nationalities in the classroom and the wide range of materials covered creates an international outlook amongst students, broadening their horizons and exposing them to new ideas, cultures and ways of thinking.

Year round accommodation is provided in single, en-suite residence at Newbury Hall. In June - August students also have the option of staying with a host family.

Objectives of the stay

Objectives of the stay

For learners who want to develop their English language skills for a short intensive course or a long extended course at any time throughout the year.


Newbury Hall

30 hours of tuition per week.

Newbury Hall is a safe and special place delivering a ‘trajectory education’. As a stepping stone from pupils’ backgrounds towards their ambitions, we help potential high-achievers forge their own learning practices in harmony with their personality. We affirm our pupils’ life choices - no matter how unique - and nurture a spirit of determination in their pursuit and conviction in their realisation. As a pupil, you learn to think for yourself, to decide for yourself and to plan for yourself.

  • • Intensive Academic Literacy
    At Newbury Hall this means new language, knowledge and skills in the service of better thinking and becoming a better learner generally. Academically literate pupils can successfully face the challenges of understanding and responding creatively to complex ideas in English and can generate both informed and personal opinions. Over the longer term the Intensive Academic Literacy programme aims to provide an ideal transition for international pupils into mainstream UK education.

    • Meaningful content
    On the Intensive Academic Literacy programme these include: writing craft workshops in essays & argumentation and journalism based on our in-house cultural calendar, biographies, debates, literature and reader’s theatre, reciprocal reading, subject tasters, guided research projects with presentations, book club with presentations
    and discussions, eloquence ‘walkshops’, training in philosophical thinking, etc. Grammar and pronunciation are embedded throughout all lessons in response to pupils’ errors or ignorance, and feedback is plentiful.

    • Intensive Exam Skills
    These programmes teach exam strategies, for example IELTS and IGCSEs and provide extensive practice tests with feedback against mark schemes so that pupils feel confident going into the exam. Pupils also have dedicated language lessons to ensure they cover the exam vocabulary and grammar.

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Ability to speak and write in English with confidence and accuracy, whilst feeling comfortable using the language.
Personal development including increased personal confidence.

Achievement of required grade in chosen exam.

Hébergement sur place


Full-board residence

Accommodation for all learners in a secure residence with a single bed, with all meals included.

Full-board homestay

Homestay accommodation with a single bed is provided on a full-board basis for all learners. All meals included.

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The Experience of living in Newbury

The town of Newbury has a population of around 30,000 and boasts a beautiful town centre with a picturesque canal and superb facilities including a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Newbury is located approximately 70km from London Heathrow airport and 130km from central London.

Newbury Hall is an impressive Victorian building dating back to 1859, modernised on the interior into a purpose-designed learning space to accommodate OISE students. Alongside the well-equipped classrooms, Newbury Hall provides students with a welcoming and comfortable common area, a spacious cafeteria and outside courtyards for relaxing, socialising and leisure activities


Cultural Programme

Every week, leisure activities complete the course programme. During the afternoons, OISE Newbury Hall offers various activities to encourage young students to use English in all possible contexts through formal and informal language registers. Activities include team sports (the sports centre is 10 minutes from the school), bowling, swimming, photography, gardening, cooking workshop, film night, talent and general knowledge competition, mini-disco, barbecue night and DJ workshop night.

Full day excursions to places such as nearby London and Oxford are made every Saturday, visiting museums and other points of interest. Weekend excursions and afternoon activities are included in the total course price.

Price includes
Useful information

Price Includes

The price includes 30 hours of tuition per week, full-board accommodation in a carefully selected homestay or secure residence and a cultural programme.

Arrival and departure transfers on standard times and dates are included, and learners are met at the airport and accompanied to the school by OISE team members.