Choosing where to study for your English language course

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Choosing where to study for your English language course

  • OISE England
  • Thursday, October 17, 2019

Once you’ve decided you want to study English with OISE, the next step is to decide which of our locations best fits with what you want to get out of the experience in terms of setting. For professionals and students, OISE has English language schools in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Bristol and Boston, each offering unique cultural opportunities to those that study there. Here’s our brief guide to help you decide which is the best location for you.


Known around the world for its prestigious university, the oldest in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a centre of academic achievement. Situated on the River Thames, rowing and punting are available in the warmer months, along with the opportunity to visit a range of museums and theatres. Students from all over the world travel to Oxford to study abroad, making it a diverse and vibrant city given its relatively small size. Another benefit of choosing to study English in Oxford is its proximity to London - since it takes just over an hour on the train, it’s possible to head in for a day trip to see the sights.


In a similar way to Oxford, Cambridge’s prestigious university and its historic buildings are a defining element of the city. Compact, green, and beautiful, Cambridge offers city life whilst also containing plenty of green spaces that make you feel you’re in the heart of the English Countryside. OISE Cambridge is located a 15-minute walk from the city centre, and directly opposite Cambridge University’s botanic garden.


As the UK’s capital city, London’s a buzzing city of culture and nightlife, with a diverse international community. OISE London is located just a 3-minute walk from Trafalgar square, putting you in a prime central position from which to explore. With the River Thames winding through it and World Natural Heritage sites such as the Tower of London and Kew gardens, it’s easy to see why London is the most visited city in the world. OISE London offers courses for students aged 16+ and is particularly popular with executive and professional clients.


If you’re interested in studying one of the following specialist areas of English, OISE Bristol is likely the best choice for you: Business English, Aviation English, Legal English, Nursing English or Engineering English.

Bristol is a bigger city than Oxford or Cambridge, with more options when it comes to shopping, bars and clubs. With two large universities, Bristol is full of young people and has a lot to offer in terms of the arts, with it’s modern economy being built largely on the creative media.

OISE Bristol is located in the popular harbour side area, which is alive with the bustle of waterside bars and restaurants, as well as offering plenty of shopping and sporting activities.


Boston is one of the most creative and forward-thinking cities in the US, as well as being well-respected in terms of academia due to its proximity to MIT and Harvard. It’s a great place for both students and executives looking to learn English to a high level and dedicates time every day to discussing American culture and social norms.

Each city offers its own unique history and atmosphere, so deciding where to study depends largely on your personal preference. Wherever you ultimately choose, we know that your OISE English language course will be an enriching experience, both in terms of your improved proficiency in English and the memories you leave with.