Study English in the UK

Why study English in the UK

The UK is a truly international and multicultural environment, and a highly rewarding place to learn both its language and culture. Students who study English in the UK tend to learn a more natural and native accent, one that The Independent’s recent poll showed that a British accent is considered the most attractive - by 11 000 people from 24 cities worldwide. So why not study in the UK?.

According to the British Council, one of the most important benefit of studying English in the UK is that you are surrounded by native English speakers for constant practise in real-life situations. Surrounded by English you are forced to practise what you learn in class - after class.

Why study English in the UK? Language lessons here are not only based in a classroom, but involve every minute of your day, from speaking English with your host family during breakfast to enjoying the company of your fellow international students in the evening while effortlessly practising your English. Your host family will give you a good introduction to life in the UK, and be a home away from home during your studies. Going abroad to study English is very different to English lessons at home in their focus on speaking, high level of activity and participation in small groups or one to one with your teacher.

If you want to study English in the UK, or any English-speaking university, you need to document a minimum level of English. What better way to get your certificate of English as well as a full introduction to life in the UK?

Language schools in the UK run social programs for their students to involve learners in British cultural life as well as to get to know your fellow students from all over the world. This allows students to get involved with an international community where they can practise social and cultural as well as language skills.

Where to study English in the UK? Britain offers more a great variety of language learning courses, more than anywhere else in the world, and accredited language schools in the UK are inspected regularly to keep a high standard of tuition.

University towns in the UK, such as Cambridge, Oxford and London are home to a variety of English schools offering courses for foreign students in preparation for university. The different locations offer everything from a bustling metropolitan atmosphere to quiet and academic university towns, depending on which learning environment you prefer. English language schools offer short or long programs depending on your requirements, from one week to one year.

You can also study English in the UK on a summer program. These courses allow you to use your holiday as an intense learning period to improve your English skills in preparation for the coming work or school year.

English requirements to study in the UK

The UK is an inclusive and multicultural environment to study and work in and an opportunity to meet people from all over the world. According to the Complete University Guide, 600 000 students come to the UK to learn English every year. If your first language is not English, you will need a certificate to prove your English level in order to study english at a uk university.

Students wanting to study at UK or other English-speaking universities will need to show and English language certificate such as the IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge English exams. Every university will have its own minimum requirements for English level. A useful list of approved courses can be found here.

If you want to improve your English in the UK there is no minimum requirement: you can be anything from a complete beginner to highly advanced, and will always be able to find the right course for you.

Study English in the UK prices

How much will studying English in the UK cost? The price will depend on the course you choose, and whether you want to study in a group or prefer one to one lessons, or a combination of these. Some language schools include accommodation and board in their prices, as well as travel but this differs between organisations.

OISE course prices always include all tuition and accommodation, with half board for adults and full board for young learner summer courses. There are no hidden costs and prices start from £ 795 per week, all inclusive.