How to speak English like a native

How to speak English fluently like a native

Learning to Speak English like a native is in high demand today. More and more international companies demand their employees speak effortless English. How to speak English like a native speaker?

Learning to speak English fluently like a native speaker in English in non - English countries can be difficult because you don’t get much practise listening or speaking it. To speak English like a native you need to practise speaking and intonation as well as build your vocabulary to include words for every situation. You can’t learn how to speak English fluently like a native speaker from a book, no matter how hard you study. You need to actively use it every day. This can be easier said than done if you don’t know many native English speakers. So how can you learn to speak English like a native, without moving to an English - speaking country?

Tips to speak English like a native

How to speak English like a native tips. Surround yourself with English texts, books, media; watch films with English subtitles or series in English. Read English articles starting with short articles and moving up to longer books as you progress. Practise speaking English whenever possible. These are all great tips to speak English like a native, but may be difficult to follow without the support of a teacher. One of the main things lower level speakers need is the confidence necessary to engage naturally in conversation.

To be more confident in your English can take some time but every time you try you improve. Be encouraged if people correct you for your mistakes rather than embarrassed - they are helping you improve your English. One good way to get past this is to start an English class, where you speak with students of the same English level as you, and learn and practise new words, grammar, intonation and conversation together to boost your confidence. A great way to immerse yourself with English is to do a course in an English speaking country, where you get the benefit of both a safe classroom environment and support from your teacher as well as English culture all around you and opportunity to practise speaking everywhere. This is the most efficient method to learn speaking English like a native.

How to speak British English like a native speaker

In many countries, English lessons focus mostly on writing and not really on speaking, so the students don’t get much chance practise fluent pronunciation. To learn how to speak English like a native British, the best place for you to improve is in the UK. The more you hear and speak the language you’re trying to learn the better. Your British English would improve naturally and quickly with a stay in a language school in Britain. Your English level would improve fast if you went to school in Britain and lived with a British family so you could practise what you learnt in the day in the evenings.