Academic Subjects Immersion Programme in Folkestone

Academic Subjects Immersion Programme in Folkestone

Ages 13 - 17

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Course overview

  • Workbook and course certificate
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Leisure activities
  • Full day excursion
  • Arrival/departure on standard dates and times

The coast, with the refreshing sea breeze, makes Folkestone the ideal choice for young people who want to study away from the distractions of the larger cities. Picturesque streets leaning towards the harbour are dotted with curious shops and cafes; viewpoints offer incredible views of the marine landscape. Kent, with its beautiful scenery, is home to Canterbury, famous for Chaucer's Cathedral and Canterbury Tales. OISE Folkestone is located to the west of the city, in the vicinity of a tranquil park with vast expanses for outdoor activities. 

OISE Folkestone has a select group of teachers with extensive experience in their field. All classrooms are located in the same building, creating a family atmosphere that fosters student confidence and safety. Classes are taught in small groups of up to 8 students, which allows you to benefit from both a strong group dynamic and great individual attention.
Folkestone is the ideal place for an intense and immersive English language stay. Everything is designed here to encourage concentration and the constant practice of English. The presence of students aged 13 to 17 from all over the world and the courses limited to 8 students per class are the promise of an effective language stay.


Enhanced Programme (27h/week)

This programme goes beyond the Summer School Programmes (27h/week). Classes are organised according to levels. Everyone is challenged and works according to their abilities and can thus progress to the maximum. Students participate in discussions on various topics, carry out group projects, and attend classes on subjects such as science, history, geography. Students also work in areas such as interpersonal skills, intercultural awareness, and developing autonomy in the learning process.


Cultural Programme & Activities

Every week, leisure activities complete the course programme of the language stay. During their language stay in OISE Folkestone, students have the opportunity to spend a Saturday in London, Canterbury or Brighton. 

On weekday evenings and weekends, OISE Folkestone offers various activities to encourage young students to use English in all possible contexts, adapting the language register to the situation in which they find themselves. Activities include theatre and craft workshops, sports competitions such as ping pong and table football, mini-disco, barbecue, swimming, film night and DJ workshop. This year, the school has facilities for badminton and basketball, and a percussion workshop given by a music professional.



Host Family

OISE Folkestone offers an unparalleled opportunity for complete immersion in the English culture, enabling the development of vocabulary and comprehension in different contexts. OISE Folkestone offers the possibility of staying with local families. Each family is rigorously selected by the school team according to strict criteria. The families offer full board, and the rooms are single and fully equipped. In order to maximise the opportunity to practice the language, OISE guarantees that no host family will host students of the same nationality.On the first day the family will take the student to and from the school so they are familiar with the journey. If public transport is required, the student will receive the required tickets.

Travel and location

OISE arranges the transfer to and from London-Heathrow and London-Gatwick airports during standard business hours:

Standard arrival times: Sundays 10:00 - 19:00
Standard departure times: Saturdays 12:00 - 19:00

During these times, an OISE team welcomes students as they arrive throughout the day. There is a room set up for the exclusive use of OISE, where activities are organised for students to get to know each other, with refreshments and snacks available at all times.

OISE also offers an additional taxi service for an additional supplement if the student arrives outside the established standard hours.

Folkestone is a coastal town located in the south east of England, in Kent County and close to Dover, well known for its limestone cliffs. Its sunny climate, refreshing sea breeze, beautiful gardens and urban parks and beaches make Folkestone the perfect place to learn English in an almost Mediterranean setting.

The picturesque streets leading down to the port have a wide variety of shops and cafés. Art permeates every corner of the city, with statues and works by numerous artists, and you can also enjoy magnificent views of the marine landscape through viewpoints located in various parts of the city.



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The Subject Immersion Programme - Folkestone

1 week £1,275
2 weeks £2,360
3 weeks £3,435
4 weeks £4,510
5 weeks £5,585
6 weeks £6,660
7 weeks £7,725
8 weeks £8,790
9 weeks £9,855
10 weeks £10,920