English courses for foreigners

English language course for non-native speakers

There is no shortage of English language courses for foreign students and international students in the UK. General English of all levels to specialist courses in business English, and English courses for citizenship or spouse visa; there are many schools and courses to choose from. Courses are offered at English language schools around the country, and University towns offer a particularly good variety of options.

What’s the fastest way to learn English as a second language?

This is the question everyone wants an easy answer to, however there is no one solution to fit everyone’s needs; all students have their favourite way to learn. One thing that we can answer with great conviction is that learning English happens much faster when you, the student, are enjoying it.

Having a varied approach to your English learning will help you stay interested, and clear goals about why you want to learn and what you want to achieve will help you along the way. As an example, if you dream of studying law at Oxford University - so learning English through law is a good framework, and there are many courses that teach specifically for this subject.

English courses: MOOEC or real classes? (Or both?)

Free Online English courses, also known as MOOEC (Massive Open Online Study Courses) are offered by numerous institutions as preparatory courses teaching English of all levels. These are aimed at English students and can be taken before, after and alongside other studies.

These courses are highly flexible and can be done from anywhere, at your own pace. According to MOOEC , the aim is not to replace classroom learning but to complement and expand the student’s learning profile.

MOOEC courses allow you to build on English language lessons and find exercises that can help bridge gaps in your language. The main downside of online courses, however, is that they can’t give you feedback on your progress or do much in the way of customisation; this is really a one size fits all tool for international students. If you are studying for a particular exam or certificate such as the TOEFL or IELTS, MOOEC courses can be particularly useful as they cover the relevant course content.

In conclusion, the perfect solution for international students would be a bit of both: the motivation, engagement and feedback you get through intensive group learning in a classroom environment and face to face contact with an experienced teacher alongside using online resources to practise particular gaps in your learning.