Academic Subjects Immersion Programme

13-17 years (Folkestone,UK)

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English Immersion Programme for Young Learners

The Folkestone Programme is an immersion programme that goes beyond knowledge and proficiency in the English language. This programme explores a wide range of academic subjects such as history, geography, natural sciences and literature. Students develop personal skills and intercultural awareness as well as the development of learning autonomy. 

21st century subjects: Students develop their English knowledge on key 21st century subjects such as: economics, arts, science, geography, history, politics.

English in context: This course allows students to analyse the use of the English language, with audio, video or written support, and to reuse knowledge in a concrete way in context.

Project: The opportunity to be creative and work in a group is presented during this course. It allows to develop team spirit, listening, with the final objective of creating a presentation, a video report, or a blog on a defined theme.

Portfolio: each student has a personal portfolio. This "portfolio" helps the teacher and student to measure progress and acts as a support during individual coaching sessions. Students also use their personal "portfolio" for self-assessment, as well as to set personal goals.

Culture & Cultural Excursion: Students have a mid-week excursion to a place related to the program. Before the excursion, they do research work on the site, perform a task during the excursion and, later in the week, share their knowledge.

Why choose an English immersion programme?

This programme is perfect for students who want to learn and discover new subjects in English in an intimate and immersive way. No English level is required to participate in this programme, but an Intermediate level is recommended in order to fully enjoy your language stay.

The course is 27 hours per week with a maximum of 8 students in each class.

Dates 2019

Open from June 16th to August 24th 2019. Students arrive on a sunday and depart on saturday. 

Course includes

  • Workbook and course certificate
  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Leisure activities
  • Full day excursion
  • Arrival/departure transfer on standard dates and times


The Subject Immersion Programme - Folkestone 

1 week  £1,275 
2 weeks £2,360
3 weeks £3,435
4 weeks £4,510 
5 weeks £5,585 
6 weeks  £6,660
7 weeks £7,725 
8 weeks £8,790 
9 weeks £9,855 
10 weeks  £10,920