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13-17 years

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About the Octorial™ programme

The Octorial™ programme leads students towards overcoming language barriers and transforming them into articulate, confident and charismatic communicators capable of dealing with international professional environments in a natural way.

Students of all levels are able to attend the program in Segovia. From beginner (A1) to advanced (C1), the content is adapted to everyone. Classes are organized according to levels. Everyone is challenged and works according to their abilities and can thus progress to the maximum.

Programme specifics

Each day, Spanish lessons begin at 9:00 am and the school closes at 5.00 pm, with 27 hours of instruction per week. Throughout the day, the more technical aspects of the language such as grammar and vocabulary are dealt with, as well as more practical sessions of analysis and discussion, where communication is carried out to its maximum expression.

Gramática: This lesson helps to consolidate, practice and organize the grammatical structure and vocabulary of the Spanish language.

Expresión Oral:The session fosters the skills needed for spontaneous oral communication and helps to express ideas in a way that is appropriate for a positive and persuasive effect on the target audience. 
Expresión escrita/Proyecto: The project incorporates research, presentation and discussion skills and promotes collaborative learning and interpersonal skills among people with different interests and cultures.This lesson works to develop students' ability to construct texts  in a coherent, cohesive and effective way. Students receive support and assessments from their teacher in areas such as patterns and language styles specific to the proposed topic, purpose, audience, process  

Cultura: An exciting opportunity to gain a better understanding of Spanish culture while discovering the roots of the historic city of Segovia. The Roman-era aqueduct is a prime example of the impressive architecture of the city, while the cuisine will cater to all tastes. From history to music and the creative arts...

sejours linguistiques espagnol

Cultural Programme

On Wednesdays, there are afternoon excursions to nearby sites , with visits to places of historical interest- cathedrals, castles, and a diverse range of museums, to name but a few.

Saturdays are dedicated to a full-day excursion to cities such as Madrid; with visits to the world-famous Prado Museum
On Sundays a visit to La Granja (Royal Palace), or the chance to discover Spain's natural beauty on a canoe trip in the spectacular Guadarrama nature reserve, are palnned.

Students will investigate as they discover each destination- upon returning from the excursion, they will have to contrast what they discovered in the research process with what they saw during the visit, giving themselves the opportunity to develop their understanding of the local culture, critical thinking skills, and above all, learning "the art of putting into words your own impressions".

On other weekday afternoons, the extensive cultural and leisure programme encourages young students to put their Spanish speaking skills to good use in real life scenarios, both formal and informal. The activities on offer range from the cinematic to the gastronomic, and everything in between. (Whatever your taste, there is a flavour for everybody.)

Course Dates

October 21st - November 03rd 2018
February 17th - March 09th 2019
April 14th - May 04th 2019
June 16th - August 17th 2019 

OISE Segovia Young Learners

  • Available all year round
  • 27 hours per week
  • Maximum of 8 students per class
  • Accommodation with local families or in residence

OISE Segovia - Young Learners 2019

1 week€1.795€1.445
2 weeks€3.410€2.670
3 weeks€5.010€3.885
4 weeks€6.610€5.100

The price includes: classes and all teaching materials, academic record and course certificate, full board accommodation, recreational activities, a full day excursion during the weekend, arrival and departure transfers from/to the airports.