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11-13 years & 13-17 years

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The York Summer School Programme

The Summer School programme in York allows the students to focus on their personal and cultural development and to strengthen self-confidence through the use of English. Students are introduced to the mastery of learning autonomy. They participate in projects such as presentations, thematic courses (politics, journalism, business, drama, art/literature), and creative writing using English language to the best of their ability.

English Language Programme

23 hours of classes per week

Projects: The opportunity to be creative and work in a group is presented during this course. It allows to develop team spirit, listening, with the final objective of creating a presentation, a video report, or a blog on a defined theme using English.
Life and career skills: Students develop analytical and critical thinking skills that will be useful in everyday life and for their future careers.
Culture & Cultural Excursion: Students have a mid-week excursion to a place related to the programme. Before the excursion, they do research work on the site, do a task during the excursion and, later in the week, give back their knowledge.
English in context: This course allows students to analyse the use of the English language, with audio, video or written support, and to reuse knowledge in a concrete way in context.

Portfolio: Each student has a personal portfolio. This "portfolio" helps the teacher and student to measure progress and acts as a support during individual coaching sessions. Students also use their personal "portfolio" for self-assessment.

Why choose the York Summer School programme?

The Summer School programme in York allows students to excel in English. The level groups and closer age groups allow the most shy students to feel confident and develop a real command of the language.

Course dates

York Seniors (13-17)
20th of June for:
1,2,3,4,5,6 weeks

7th of July for:
1,2,3,4,5 weels

14th of July for:
1,2,3,4 weeks

21st of July for:
1,2,3 weeks

28th of July for:
1, 2 weeks

York Juniors (11-13)
30th of June for:
1,2,3,4 weeks

7th of July for:
1,2,3 weeks

14th of July for:
1,2 weeks

21st of July for:
1 week


The Summer School Curriculum - York

1 week   £1,560
2 weeks  £2,960
3 weeks  £4,350
4 weeks  £5,740
5 weeks  £7,130
6 weeks  £8,520