Summer Courses for children 7-12 years

21 teaching hours per week

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Description of the programme

The aim of the summer programme at OISE Sherbourne Priors is to awaken the curiosity, interest and taste for the language that is now used as a universal language of exchange at an age when learning can make a real difference. The entire stay is structured to teach relevant vocabulary and expressions, as well as to provide opportunities for students to apply what they learn in class outside of class, through real-life situations in a fun and engaging way.

The content and format are custom designed and established according to the needs, age and interests of the students, which ensures that the students achieve great results during their stay while acquiring confidence in the language of study. The program is structured in 21 hours of lessons per week, allowing the development of the participant's understanding and social and intellectual capacity.

A day at OISE Sherbourne Priors

Academic Content

Upon arrival, students take a placement test and are assigned a group according to their needs. A day at Sherbourne Priors is a combination of formal education in the morning and more relaxed yet stimulating activities in the afternoon. Each day we work around a specific topic from different perspectives and methodologies, which allows us to strengthen concepts on a daily basis.

The first class of the day requires the active participation of students to contextualize the language in an attractive and natural way. This is usually followed by a reading or listening class, which helps them develop the skills to listen and understand in an international environment.

After a short break, fluency in oral interactions is worked on through a conversation class. Self-confidence in the language is fostered through a "Conversation and Song" class that offers cultural enrichment and facilitates memorization.

The afternoons consist of individual learning as well as activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, gardening or science workshops related to the theme of the day. These lessons require students to follow the instructions in English while improving their general knowledge, as well as allowing them to interact with each other in a more informal environment, being able to learn and apply all language records.

Course overview

  • OISE Sherbourne Priors, Summer Programme
  • 21 hours per week
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Regulated classes + activities

Available schools

Available schools

Course Fees

1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks
Each additional week: 5+

The price includes: classes and all teaching materials, academic record and course certificate, full board accommodation, recreational activities, a full day excursion during the weekend, arrival and departure transfers from/to the airports.