Sherbourne Priors Education

Age 7-13

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Sherbourne Priors Programme

Sherbourne Priors School is a very intimate setting in an English Manor House where staff and students live, learn and play together. The 5 acres of grounds add to a fabulous extended classroom and playground especially in the summer months.

The Sherbourne Priors Education programme for children aged 7 to 13 years has been designed specifically for this age group with tuition tailored to their cognitive ability, equipping them with skills that form a foundation for their future academic and professional life. The safe and comfortable environment created by staff in OISE schools allows children to concentrate on the dynamic and stimulating tuition with no distractions.

Most popular course dates
21.10.18 - 10.11.18
06.01.19 - 26.01.19
17.02.19 - 09.03.19
24.03.19 - 27.04.19
02.06.19 - 31.08.19 -
During the summer, students can stay from 1 to 6 weeks depending on their needs. 
20.10.19 - 16.11.19

Lessons focus on the four key skills

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

English Language Programme

21 hours per week

English Language Lessons: from beginner to advanced level, this course targets the 4 fundamentals which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. The teachers use different methods, classic thematic exercises but also stories, songs, games. Classes are for a maximum of 6-8 students. 

Subject Lessons: This course is designed to teach general subjects such as mathematics, geography, history, science, etc. This education follows the pattern of the English primary school curriculum.

Workshops: these workshops encourage language use and fluency while playing games and doing activities. These activities can be sporting, cultural or artistic.

Project: Students work in groups during the week on a thematic project. This theme can be scientific (insect life), or from English literature (Shakespeare's theatre).

Cultural Excursion: Wednesday afternoon is dedicated to an excursion during which students can use their knowledge of English. This allows them to use language in a concrete way.

The lessons go beyond the simple language lesson and go beyond it. Students participate in group activities and projects, which also allows them to develop their creativity.

Cultural Programme

Sherbourne encourages children to speak English through a fully immersive programme. Outside of formal lessons in the classroom, children follow an afternoon programme of communication and skills workshops through games and activities, designed to encourage fluency and build confidence in speaking. The social programme also offers a sports activity which is an important part to each day, especially for this young age group.

The evening programme focuses on cultural and leisure activities which offers a lot of enjoyment and further enhances their learning experience.

Examples of afternoon activities include: Treasure hunt, selfie challenge, art activities, baking; swimming, badminton, volleyball, football, dancing.

Examples of evening activities include:; Quiz night, team games, fashion show and movie nights. 


  • Open all year round
  • 8 students per class
  • Residential accommodation


Course information


Sherbourne Priors Education 

Duration Price per week
1 week £1725
2-3 weeks £1635
4-7 weeks £1605
8-12 weeks £1425
13 weeks +  £1300

Courses start on every Monday throughout the year with arrival on Sunday evening and departure on Saturday morning.

• Course Folder and certificate
• Accommodation and all meals
• Leisure Activities
• Half day educational excursion
• Arrival/departure transfers on standard dates
and times

Sherbourne Priors Timetable