The Irish Summer School Education, Dublin

The Irish Summer School Education, Dublin

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Course Overview

  • Accommodation and all meals
  • 23 hours of classes per week
  • 8 students per class
  • Irish culture
  • Residential accommodation

The Irish Summer School Education,Dublin

In a modern environment away from the capital, the aim of the courses is to encourage students to express themselves in English with confidence.

The practice of English is not limited to the classroom: every day, during simulation workshops and during leisure activities, all times of the day are used to speak English. This language course in Gormanston Park is more than just a technical workout of the language, it is a complete immersion.

The lessons and the accommodation of the participants will take place in an adjacent, modern building. OISE's classrooms are simple and have all the technical necessities needed for interactive teaching. Gormanston Park also has a large sports facility, a cafeteria and modern shared rooms. There is a well-equipped Indoor Sports Complex, which allows students to pursue their hobbies after school. Whether football, volleyball, basketball or hockey, Gormanston Park offers enough space for all sports enthusiasts.

Summer School in Ireland

The Summer School programme in Ireland allows students to work on projects and presentations that explore Irish culture and history. They discover traditions such as Gaelic football, hurling and Irish dance. This 23-hour per week programme not only uses the English language to support everyday life, but also explores personal and cultural skills, building self-confidence, and mastering and developing independent learning.
The Irish Summer School programme allows students to work on a project and presentation that relates to Ireland, in addition to English lessons, lessons on the history and culture of Ireland. During the 23 hours of the week, students use and deepen their English language skills, broadening their personal and cultural skills, building self-confidence and developing how to follow their learning process. 

Cultural programme & activities

OISE offers a programme of activities during the week and on weekends to ensure that students get the most out of their stay.
The Saturday excursion can be done at: Dublin or Kilkenny Castle. On-site activities are varied and can include: sports, arts and crafts, Irish dance, team games, talent competitions. Activities after class can vary from sports, handicrafts, Irish dancing, team games to talent competitions. The leisure staff are always guided by the students' suggestions and interests. All excursions are accompanied by trained instructors to ensure that our duty of supervision is fully respected.


Full board stay in residence. Rooms are available for 4 to 6 students with a bathroom to share with other bedrooms.

Travel & Location

OISE offers a transfer service from Dublin airport to the school,students will be greeted in arrivals by OISE staff. The school is only 20 minutes from Dublin Airport.

The transfer is included in the course fee if the student lands between 10:00 and 19:00 on the Sunday before the course starts and departs between 12:00 and 19:00 on the Saturday after the course ends. Please also note that only Dublin Airport should be used.     
Gormanston is a small, idyllic village on the Delvin River north of the lively capital Dublin. The city centre has just 400 inhabitants, a small and warm village community. There is also a holy spring there, which can cure eye diseases according to stories. Further landmarks of the small village are the Cock Pub, which is the oldest public building in Ireland.

The Summer School Curriculum in Ireland 

1 week €1,765 
2 weeks €3,350  
3 weeks €4,920  
4 weeks €6,490  
5 weeks €8,060 

Course Dates 2019

23rd of June for 1,2,3,4,5 weeks
30th of June for 1,2,3,4 weeks
7th of July for 1,2,3 weeks
14th of July for 1,2 weeks
21st of July for 1 week