OISE Boston, Boston,USA

Age 14-17


By confronting the trainee with the pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and wording of American speech, he or she is able to discern what makes English spoken on the other side of the Atlantic unique. The student becomes aware that language is a living, evolving tool that is built on social and historical foundations.

This program is accessible with a Tourism Visa (ESTA).

Programme: American English

17.5h of classes + 12.5h workshops/projects per week.

Comprehension, expression and accuracy: these courses allow you to practice the language and its structure. Students can thus acquire linguistic reflexes, they develop their practice of grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

Cultural Studies: Students study American culture and civilization through history, geography, politics, media.

Afternoon workshops and projects: these projects and workshops encourage students to use the language by making presentations, group projects on cultural, scientific and societal themes of American civilization. Excursions to museums or historical sites are also organized to support these projects and workshops.

  • Oral & written expression
  • Understanding
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • General knowledge

Why do this programme?

Depending on the level of each group, the courses cover the basics of the language (grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions) and enrich them with the nuances used in the United States.



American English in Boston 

Duration Price per week
1 week $2118
2-3 weeks $1998
4-7 weeks $1959
8-12 weeks $1920
13 weeks +  $1885

Courses start on every Monday throughout the year with arrival on Sunday evening and departure on Saturday morning.

Learning materials and course certificate • Accommodation and all meals • Leisure activities and full-day excursion • Education and careers advice • Arrival/departure transfers on standard dates and times • 24-hour emergency telephone cover.

OISE Boston Young Learner Timetable