OISE Oxford Programmes and Course Components

Balanced programmes, challenging classes

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Methods and Beliefs

To facilitate individual success and to challenge students, a balanced programme of classes are available that provide stimulating language learning. Authentic, up-to-date materials relevant to the needs of the students are used to create genuine discussion and develop higher-order thinking skills. Each class is different depending on the needs and profiles of the students. The framework of classes focuses on fluency, confidence and communicability as a whole, as learners develop through English to achieve presence in the language and unlock their own skills. The barrier between real-world and classroom is reduced as far as possible to allow the greatest development.

Group Classes

Quatorials (4:1)
Mini-groups of maximum 4 students of a similar age, profile and language level allow teachers to give optimal individual attention to each student. The multicultural environment means students develop their trans-cultural awareness.  

Comprehension and Expression: learners refine presentation and writing skills, with a focus on fluency and confidence in expressions across varied contexts. Students deliver a task - growing their autonomous learning skills - followed by feedback and language analysis with points for self-study. (1.5 hours per day)
Accuracy: attention in this class is focused on the details of students' oral and written English. This involves correcting ingrained errors and challenging formulaic structures and vocabulary. Linguistic skills are introduced whilst simulating real-life situations to develop accuracy in action. The goal is to re-activate and build upon the scholar's pre-existing skills in English. (1 hour per day)
Project Seminar: students individually select a topic (perhaps related to their job, research interests or personal hobbies) and develop a project on this over the week. They present on Friday and review the recording with tutors and fellow learners, giving feedback on oral and presentation skills. Thus, students develop confidence, presentation skills, fluency and relevant vocabulary. (1 hour per day)
Critical Reasoning: this class is given in a mixed-level group to simulate the challenges of communication in a real-life environment, where speakers might be of differing levels. Critical thinking tools are used to analyse current affairs as scholars grow their abilities to articulate elaborate ideas and hold complex discussions. (1 hour per day) 

Octorials (8:1) 
Larger group interactive sessions challenge scholars to develop nimbleness in English and stay aware of their own use of the language. Communicative skills are challenged by the mixed-level environment, allowing students to enhance their all-round communication abilities. 

Spoken Assertiveness: the class aims at broadening the ability of students to think in English and monitor the nuances of multicultural environments. Through discussion and evaluation of complex ideas and references of the English-speaking world, learners develop the ability and confidence to participate actively in social and professional interactions. (1 hour per day)

Plenaries are group sessions designed to build listening skills and stimulate higher-order thinking. There is no size limit on the class.

News Review: a short plenary introducing students to the learning environment of the day. They develop comprehension skills and cultural understanding by focusing on current news stories and evaluating the language and influence of the press. (15 minutes per day, Tuesday to Friday)      
Plenary: afternoon session looking at challenging stories in varied formats. This session tests learners' extended listening and note-taking skills. It stimulates perception of pronunciation and intonation, whilst offering a nuanced understanding of British culture and how global issues are articulated in English. (20 minutes per day)  

Education Programmes

The Integrated Tutorial
The addition of certain group classes to many Tutorial hours allows dedicated students to develop their communicative competencies, intercultural understanding, presentation and communication skills. Interacting with other learners of similar requirements allows students to enact what they have covered in individual classes and understand more about the complexities of communicating with other non-native speakers. Learn more here.
Available for: Academic English, Business English, General English, Exam English, English for Specialisations

The Personal Competency Programme™
This programme contains all the group classes offered at the school. Throughout the programme there is an emphasis on fluency and confidence within the four traditional skills of communication - speaking, writing, listening and reading. Students are encouraged to understand the complexities and challenges of using English as a global language. The goal of this programme is to allow talented learners to access their skills in English and develop competencies across a range of contexts including business and academia, as well as in their personal lives. Learn more here.
Available for: Academic English, Business English, General English

The Personal Competency Programme™ with Tutorials
1, 1.5, 2 or 3 hours of Tutorials a day can be added to allow dedicated time for individual focus. Tutorial hours can be used to improve discrete skills, prepare for events, and develop specific vocabulary. Learn more here.
Available for: Academic English, Business English, General English, Exam English, English for Specialisations.

The Personal Competency Programme™ for IELTS Preparation
Available all year round, this course allows students the opportunity to prepare for the IELTS exam. In the Quatorial format, students develop the language and strategies required to perform to the best of their ability in the exam. Progress is monitored via weekly full mock tests, and students can expect to be challenged and to become more autonomous learners through the structure and rigour of the course. Students spend half the day on IELTS group-classes, and the other half attending to broader communicative skills in English. Course components are here.

The Abitur Preparation Programme
The course combines classes in small groups and tutorials with a full emphasis on the exact requirements of the Abitur English exam - focusing on relevant texts, grammar, listening comprehension and writing. Students test their level and measure their progress by submitting written assignments and taking part in oral evaluations and debates. Some classes are dedicated to the Abitur whilst some attend to all-round communicative competence.



Course Overview

  • - Designed for ambitious individuals
  • - For general English, business English, specialisations and exam preparation.
  • - Intensive and Immersive Programmes
  • - 4-person groups, 30-40 hours of study

Where is this program offered?

Alternate Programmes

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Where is this program offered?

Summary of Programme formats

Available Programmes Group classes Individual Classes Weekly hours
Integrated Tutorial Programme Accuracy, Project Seminar, Spoken Assertiveness, News Review 17.5 Tutorials 33.5
Personal Competency Programme Solo  Quatorials + Octorials + Plenaries    30 
Personal Competency Programme + 5 Tutorials Quatorials + Octorials + Plenaries 5 Tutorials 35 
Personal Competency Programme + 7.5 Tutorials Quatorials + Octorials + Plenaries 7.5 Tutorials 37.5 
Personal Competency Programme + 10 Tutorials Quatorials + Plenaries
10 Tutorials 35 
Personal Competency Programme + 15 Tutorials Quatorials + Plenaries 15 Tutorials 40 
Tutorial Programmes   15-30 Tutorials 15-30 
Programmes at OISE Oxford are designed to allow individual learner success. Contact the school to determine which programmes would be best suited to individual need, or to discuss variations on the above formats. OISE Oxford prides itself on providing tuition adapted to student need, and it is possible to take various different programmes during a course of study in school.

Sample Timetable: OISE Oxford

  Personal Competency Programme without Tutorials Personal Competency Programme with 5 Tutorials Personal Competency Programme with 10 Tutorials The Integrated Tutorial Tutorial Programmes
08:45 – 09:00 News Review (Tuesday-Friday) News Review News Review News Review News Review
09:00 – 10:30 Comprehension and Expression (4:1) Comprehension and Expression Comprehension and Expression Tutorial (1:1) Tutorial
10:30 - 10:45 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10:45 - 11:45 Accuracy (4:1) Accuracy Accuracy Accuracy Tutorial
11:45 - 12:45 Project Seminar (4:1) Project Seminar Project Seminar Project Seminar Tutorial/Self-study
12:45 - 13:40 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:40 - 14:00 Plenary Plenary Plenary Plenary Plenary
14:00 – 15:00 Critical Reasoning (4:1) Critical Reasoning Critical Reasoning Tutorial Tutorial/Self-Study
15:30 – 16:30 Self-Study Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial/Self-Study
16:30 – 17:30 Spoken Assertiveness (8:1) Spoken Assertiveness Tutorial Spoken Assertiveness Tutorial/Self-Study

The school is open until 18:00 for self-study. Tutors issue homework and guidance for fruitful self-study, which is key for language absorption and individual development. Please note that this timetable is intended for guidance and actual timetabling varies depending on student and tutor availability .