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The Octorial™

English tuition with up to 8 students

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Interactive and dynamic oral practice sessions to encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and idioms as well as manipulating sophisticated and more complex English language structures; comprehension skills are developed using a wide variety of carefully selected written texts including newspaper articles and literary texts; listening exercises using authentic materials to sharpen comprehension skills, improve pronunciation and increase the ability to think in the English language; writing exercises for a wide range of situations from letters and emails to dissertations.

The Octorial™ programme was developed in 1977 and is continually undergoing revision and improvement. Choosing the Octorial™ programme is to give language teaching a dynamic approach to improving language performance in both speech and writing. The program is based on practical exercises, using almost authentic situations for greater and better learning. The different sessions are designed not only to help develop language accuracy, but also to enable participants to overcome inhibitions and use English eloquently in all situations and registers.

A carefully designed training environment that helps participants to improve not only their language skills, but also their confidence in dealing with various international situations, preparing them for a successful academic, professional and personal future. There will be no more than 8 students in any class.

The classes: Octorial™ only

Each day, English lessons begin at 8.45 am and the school closes at 5.30 pm, with 27.5 hours of instruction per week. Throughout the day, the more technical aspects of the language such as grammar and vocabulary are dealt with, as well as more practical sessions of analysis and discussion, where communication is carried out to its maximum expression.

Opening Plenary

Students can listen or give a short presentation on a chosen topic and build their knowledge of today's global world while working on their confidence to speak English in public.

Flipped Classroom Assignment Topic Analysis

The teacher explains the work to be covered and sets the students individual or group tasks in the early stages of the lesson. This preparation activity is then exploited by the teacher to focus on both the topic and language points and skills that the students most need. The main focus of this integrated skills lesson can be either receptive or productive and can be designed around exam-related content, in preparation for exams such as IELTS or BULATS.

Composition Strategies

This lesson works to develop students' ability to construct texts (whether written or spoken) in a coherent, cohesive and effective way. Students receive support and assessments from their teacher in areas such as patterns and language styles specific to the proposed topic, purpose, audience, process (idea generation, writing and editing, etc.) and product (model evaluation). This session can also focus on the preparation of the written exams for exams such as IELTS or Cambridge. 

Linguistic Flair

The class focuses on precision and eloquence. Students are introduced to a specific subject or area of language (grammar or pronunciation) in which to work and with which they will be able to add clarity, sharpness and eloquence to their ideas and opinions.

Spoken Assertiveness Workshop

The session fosters the skills needed for spontaneous oral communication and helps to express ideas in a way that is appropriate for a positive and persuasive effect on the target audience.

Project Octorial™
Every afternoon, a group project is prepared and presented and filmed on Thursday, with an assessment by the teachers the following day. The project incorporates research, presentation and discussion skills and promotes collaborative learning and interpersonal skills among people with different interests and cultures.

Individually Monitored Study Strategies

Students study independently with a tutor who guides and supports them in their personalised learning, based on specific objectives and individual needs. This class helps to:

- define and meet objectives;
- taking responsibility for learning;
- self-evaluate and reflect on progress;
- study additional specialized English outside the school's curriculum;
- discover more about the factors that affect individual progress, helping to understand the learning strategies that best suit one's needs.

Plenary session - closing of the day
Students participate in a consolidation session in which they review what they have learned during the day.

Available school

The Octorial™

Below prices are per week when you enroll for 2-3 weeks programmes. OISE also offer programmes for more than 2-3 weeks. Please contact us for a bespoke quote and more information.

17.5 Octorial™ + 5 Spoken Assertiveness Workshop + 5 Individually Monitored Study Strategies

The Octorial™ without Tutorial with 5 hours Tutorial with 7.5 hours Tutorial
Bristol £846 £1,210 £1,420
  The Octorial course is only available at Bristol School.

The Octorial™

School day starts at 08:45
Opening plenary
Flipped Classroom Assignment
Topic Analysis
Composition Strategies
Linguistic Flair
Spoken assertiveness workshops to help the learner overcome inhibitions and communication anxieties.
Project Classes - Involves collaboration, planning, research, assertiveness, and self-direction
Individually Monitored Study Strategies in which participants sets goals with the teacher to achieve them
Closing Plenary
School day finishes at 17:00