The American English Modular Program

English tuition with up to 4 students

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American English Modular Course

Through the rigorous and intensive training program, students make significant strides towards becoming a confident, eloquent and proficient communicator in American English. A carefully engineered holistic curriculum focused on the student's particular needs enables the participants to improve their language skills while building a global perspective on their path to success. 

The American English Modular course consists of 16 to 26 hours of instruction in a small class of four participants. Students can choose up to four modules with which to produce a weekly study schedule. For those who wish to take two or three Modules that amounts to 18 or fewer tuition hours, the ESTA visa is sufficient. A more extensive module choice requires the more elaborate F-1 Visa. Regardless of visa type, OISE Boston ensures each individual receives maximum opportunity to accelerate their learning process through the many student-led activities, assignments, and projects facilitated by the school.    

The American English Modular Curriculum

Course Components

News Review - The day starts with a group discussion of current events in the morning, followed by formal presentations. During this pre-module session participants develop their reading and listening comprehension, and through the discussions of current affairs widen their vocabulary.

Self-study Project Assignments - Students work either in a group of two to four people or independently on a topic. They use new vocabulary, phrases and grammar to conduct a presentation. The participants can determine the daily working hours themselves.

Module 1: Comprehension and Expression
Participants train their reading and listening comprehension, expand their vocabulary, synthesize information and formulate their own point of view. (8 hr per week, 4 participants).

Module 2: Accuracy
In this module, participants will focus on sentence structure, grammar and refine their English language. The aim is to achieve accurate and effective command of American English grammar, idioms, and vocabulary. It is complemented with work on a variety of materials (reports, articles, students) to sharpen the learner's understanding of written documents (8 hr per week, 4 participants). 

Module 3: Critical Analysis 
The focus of this module is to develop the participant's ability to analyze, categorize and process information in English. The students deal critically with current affairs by researching, evaluation and presenting well-structured, cogent responses. (5 hr per week, 4 participants). 

Module 4: Linguistic Assertiveness
This learning unit is designed to improve the student's pronunciation and to overcome any inhibitions in group discussions. (5 hr per week, 4 participants). 

Visa Information

Students who originate from countries that are a part of the U.S Visa Waiver Program, and who enroll on an English program that consists of 18 hours of tuition or fewer, may arrive on an ESTA visa. If the number of tuition hours exceeds 18, or if the student is from a country that is not part of the U.S. Visa Waiver Program then OISE can issue an I-20 for an F-1 visa application.

Modules 1 & 2 (16 instruction hours per week): ESTA visa
Modules 1, 3 & 4 (18 instruction hours per week): ESTA visa
Modules 2, 3 & 4 (18 instruction hours per week): ESTA visa

Modules 1, 2 & 3 (21 instruction hours per week): F-1 visa
Modules 1,2 & 4 (21 instruction hours per week): F-1 visa
All Modules (26 instruction hours per week): F-1 visa

One-to-one Tutorials

In addition to Modules, participants can receive one-to-one tutoring. These Tutorial lessons allow students to tackle areas of weakness and target specific areas for improvement with the undivided attention of the tutor. Specialized vocabulary can be integrated for training within professional situations, or to prepare for an exam. Prior to arrival, the students complete a needs assessment in English that will help teachers to prepare the language course and content appropriate for the learning process.

​Exam Preparation (in the Tutorial)

Within a Tutorial at OISE Boston, students can also prepare for exams such as the TOEFL or the IELTS. The IELTS test is a language test that is mainly recognized in a university context. the language level is determined by non-native speakers of the English language, especially for applications to American or Canadian universities. Students preparing for an official exam are exposed to exam requirements, test-taking strategies, time management techniques and sample authentic practice exams under simulated testing conditions. 


  • Small groups (4 maximum) and one-to-one lessons.
  • For general American English, business English, specilazations and exam preparation.
  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Courses begin any Monday of the year.

Where is this program offered?

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Where is this program offered?


The American English Modular Program

(1hr = 60 minutes)

Module choice 1 & 2 (16hr, ESTA visa) 1 & 3 & 4 (18hr, ESTA visa) 2 & 3 & 4 (18hr, ESTA visa) 1 & 2 & 3 (21hr, F-1 visa) 1 & 2 & 4 (21hr, F-1 visa) 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 (26hr, F-1 visa)
Boston Curriculum $1,526  $1,648 $1,648 $1,832  $1,832  $2,139 

The above fees are shown per week for a 2 or 3-week course. The supplement for a one-week stay is $120. Longer courses attract a reduction as follows:

- For 4-7 week courses, subtract $39 per week
- For 8-11 week courses, subtract $78 per week
- For 12+ week courses, subtract $113 per week

Courses start every Monday every week of the year. The arrival of the participants takes place on the Sunday before the beginning of the course and the departure on the Saturday after the end of the course.

The course fee includes: language course, single room in a host family with half board, support by a student academic counselor, loan of all course materials, testing service, three social events per week, brunch and break-time refreshments and a course certificate under the Common European Framework of Reference (A1-C2). If accommodation in a host family is not desired, $545 per week may be deducted from the course fee.