OISE English language course overview

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English language courses for professionals and students


Whatever your career path, OISE experts tailor courses to suit each participant’s precise professional needs, transforming them into masterful and eloquent communicators. OISE language courses can be solo sessions: Tutorial™, or take place in groups of maximum four or eight learners; in the Quatorial™ or Octorial™ respectively. These options can be combined depending on the scholar’s objectives and duration of study for optimal flexibility.

The Tutorial™

Oxford,Cambridge, London,Bristol and Boston

Intellectually close tuition between the scholar and the tutor, the course is conducted entirely by means of individual tuition.

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The Collaborative Programme™


Full site of modules with 15 hours of Quatorial sessions (group of 4) and 15 hours of sessions in group of 6.

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The Octorial™


Purpose-designed exercises to develop the ability to speak and write accurately in a range of styles and registers.Maximum 8 students per class

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The Personal Competency Programme


Full site modules with 21 hours of Quatorial sessions (groups of 4), 5 hours of Tutorial sessions, 7 hours of Octorial workshops (group of 8) and 2.5 hours of plenary sessions.

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The Full Interactive Programme


Full suite of modules with 22.5 hours of Quatorial sessions (group of 4) and 5 hours of Octorial workshops (group of 8)

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The American English Modular Programme


Designed with precision to give students the skills, confidence and global perspective to interact effectively and eloquently in American English within an international environment. Maximum 4 students per class

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All courses begin on any Monday of the year (unless otherwise stated)

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