Language Trips for Professionals

Language Trips for Professionals

Learn English abroad with a tailored OISE Language Trip

Language trips with OISE designed to develop fluent language skills for everyday use within an international work environment, this course is ideal for both young professionals seeking to develop a business skillset and more experienced business people who wish to consolidate their professional identity in English.

A language course at OISE offers professional a choice of a variety of programs, schools and places across the globe. Professional can gain a unique experience that promotes their learning and their love of the language. Alongside intensive language courses of 23 to 30 hours per week, schools also offer leisure programmes. This gives professionals time to enjoy the location and to consolidate and reflect on what they have learned in classes.
OISE locations

Develop English skills with an OISE Language Trip

The Tutorial™

One to one language lessons

  • Oxford,Cambridge, London,Bristol and Boston

Intellectually close tuition between the scholar and the tutor, the course is conducted entirely by means of individual tuition.

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The Collaborative Programme™

  • London, UK

An excellent way for students to develop their confidence and performance skills in English. Students will work in small groups (2-4 students) with learners of a similar age, level of English and academic background.

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The Octorial™

  • Bristol, UK

A carefully designed training environment that helps participants to improve not only their language skills, but also their confidence in dealing with various international situations, preparing them for a successful academic, professional and personal future. There will be no more than 8 students in any class.

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The Personal Competency Programme

  • Oxford, UK

The programme develops accuracy (i.e. the correct use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation), skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and communicative competence (fluency).

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The American English Modular Programme

  • Boston, USA

Gain the the skills, confidence and global perspective to interact effectively and eloquently in American English within an international environment. Maximum 4 students per class

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