Young Learners (7-13)

English Language Trips for Young Learners

English Language Trips are an ideal way to give your child confidence in a second language

For students who want to improve their English language skills, learning in an English-speaking country offers countless benefits. English lessons in a small class of 8 are dynamic, and adapted to the needs of each student, offering individual encouragement and the chance to grow beyond their own expectations. Participants can expect to develop self-confidence and gain more enjoyment of the English language.

A language course at OISE offers students a choice of a variety of programs, schools and places in England. Youngsters can gain a unique experience that promotes their learning and their love of the language.

Alongside the intensive language courses of 23 to 30 hours per week, schools also offer leisure programmes. This gives pupils time to enjoy the location and to consolidate and reflect on what they have learned in classes.
OISE locations

English Language Courses for Young Learners

The Sherbourne Priors Education

  • Open all year
  • 7-13 years
  • 21 hours per week
  • Sherbourne, UK

For students from beginner to advanced. Teachers use different methods, classic thematic exercises but also stories, songs, games. Classes are for a maximum of 6-8 students.

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The Summer School Education

  • July- August 2019
  • 11-13 years
  • 23 hours per week
  • York,UK

Participate in projects such as presentations, thematic courses (politics, journalism, business, drama, art/literature), and creative writing using English language to the best of their ability.

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