Spanish courses in Segoiva

Spanish courses in Segoiva

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  • Immersive Programmes
  • Individual tuition or classes of 4 students
  • Spanish for professional development, academic growth and social enrichment
  • Spanish for Companies and Institutions
  • Available all year round

About OISE Segovia

Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, is an incomparable place of study. 90 km from Madrid, this attractive city is home to some of Spain's most interesting examples of architecture: the city centre, where the old historic quarter is housed, protected by medieval ramparts, the aqueduct, a jewel of Roman engineering that has become the city's symbol, the Alcazar, the Royal Castle overlooking Segovia, and the Monastery of San Antonio el Real, are all evidence of the city's  sumptuous past, where different cultures meet.

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Spanish Language Tuition

OISE Segovia welcomes students who share a common goal: to improve their knowledge of the Hispanic world and their command of Spanish. Trainees are encouraged to use and enrich all their linguistic, academic and technical skills. An OISE language stay in Segovia is an effective way to learn Spanish.

Programmes are designed to be suitable for business and academic language progress across a wide variety of subject areas.

Spanish Language Formats and Programmes

Tutorial™ - individual classes for development in Spanish

The Tutorial™ course is one of the most effective methods of learning a language. The courses are individual: this allows the programme to be adapted to the level and specific needs of each trainee during his or her language stay. This program is intensive and fully customised to meet the most demanding demands.

Intensive Spanish Programme -Quatorial™ -  a fully interactive environment stimulating communicative competence 

In groups of up to 4 students, this program, carefully designed to provide participants with an optimal training environment, allows them not only to improve their language skills but also their self-confidence to learn about the international business world. 

Exam preparation option (DELE, CCSE, SIELE)

Whether in private tuition or in small groups, or even by combining both for a tailor-made language stay, OISE programs are ideal for achieving optimal results on language exams. The teaching teams are fully familiar with the content of the various exams and adapt the teaching to each participant, according to his or her objective and ambition.

Cultural Programme

OISE Segovia offers a varied cultural programme such as outings into the city to discover the country's typical dishes, but also cultural outings (aqueduct, visits to museums, cathedral, etc.)

Host Family

For a total immersion, OISE Segovia offers accommodation with local residents, included in the price of the stay. Families are carefully selected by the school principal.


For those who wish to stay in a hotel, OISE can offer exclusive rates.

It should be taken into account that Segovia is a tourist city and that accommodation is often very popular. Advance booking is recommended.


The school can advise and make recommendations to help them choose accommodation.

It should be taken into account that Segovia is a tourist city and that accommodation is often very popular. Advance booking is recommended.

Travel and location

The easiest way to get to Segovia is by plane to Madrid-Barajas airport. Please check with the school once the course is booked about taxi transfers from the airport to the school.

Segovia is also easy accessible by train. Trains run regularly from Madrid  Chamartín station to Segovia. Chamartín station is served by metro or bus.

Segovia is a compact city, which allows you to walk quickly from one place to another. The school is in the city centre surrounded by shops.

OISE Segovia
Available all year round


Intensive Spanish Programme -Quatorial™

22.5h Programme on groupes of 4 maximum, 5h workshops in groupes of 8 + News Review

  Intensive Programme  + 5h 
+ 10h
+ 15h
1 week 1 548 € 2 038 € 2 365€ 2 855 €
2 - 3 weeks 1 438 € p/w 1 928 € p/w 2 255€ p/w 2 745 € p/w
4 - 7 weeks 1 403 € p/w 1 893 € p/w 2 220€ /p/w
2 710 € p/w

 Tutorial™ Programme(one to one)

Tutorial™ 10h (2h/day) 15h (3h/day) 20h (4h/day) 25h (5h/day) 30h (6h/day)
1 week 1 455 € 1 945 € 2 435 € 2 925 € 3 415 €
2 - 3 weeks 1 345 €p/w 1 835 €p/w 2 325 €p/w  2 815 € p/w 3 305 € p/w 
4 - 7 weeks 1 310 €p/w  1 800 €p/w  2 290 €p/w 2 780 € p/w 3 270 € p/w
8 - 11 weeks 1 280 €p/w  1 770 €p/w 2 260 €p/w  2 750 €p/w  3 240 €p/w