German Language Courses in Heidelberg

German Language Courses in Heidelberg


About OISE Heidelberg

OISE Heidelberg enjoys prime city centre location, close to shops, cafes and restaurants and is easily accessible by public transport. It provides a comfortable, welcoming and study-friendly atmosphere.
The school is located on the top floor of a smart, modern building. It has a beautiful roof terrace which offers impressive views of Heidelberg’s skyline. At breaktimes students take their coffee out on the terrace enjoying views of spectacular castle and the surrounding countryside.

German Language Tuition

Tailored to each individual student, a variety of activities train every aspect of the German language to develop the students’ language rapidly and efficiently, also after school hours. OISE Heidelberg provides intensive programmes which combine challenging, results-driven lessons with exciting after-class entertainment and host family stay, where new language can be practised in an informal setting.
OISE courses are innovative and rigorous. All aspects of students’ performance in German are evaluated; engaging students in a variety of learning activities, covering all areas of language acquisition.

German Language Courses

The Tutorial™ á La Carte
The Tutorial™ á La Carte is based on the University of Oxford’s educational tradition, which imparts lessons tailored to the individual’s needs. Rigorous in nature, the Tutorial guarantees the transformation of each student into an excellent bilingual communicator.
Communicative activities such as public speaking, brainstorming in teams, interviews and negotiation are staged within an authentic context to develop a confident level of German fluency.
2 or 3 tutors will be assigned to each participant, and “á La Carte” allows the scholars to choose between 3, 4 or 6 hours of lessons each day.
Through specifically selected materials, Tutorial™ á La Carte offers ample opportunity to develop linguistic competence. The student can prepare for international German exams or hone their proficiency in a professional domain through the study of their field’s particular vocabulary.

The Quatorial Programme

  • 15 hours of Quatorial lesson (4 students per class)
  • 2.5 hours of Quatorial Project Seminar (4 students per class)
  • 5 hours of Critical Analysis Workshop (4 students per class)
  • 5 hours of Spoken Assertiveness Workshop (8 students per class)
  • News Review
  • Tutorial lesson for the Quatorial Programme + 5/7,5/10/15 tutorials

Cultural Programme

Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest and most famous university town and is known for its baroque Altstadt, vibrant student atmosphere, traditional pubs and enchanting castle, which draw 3 million visitors a year. The compact city is easily explored on foot; take the famous Philosopher's Walk with a beautiful view of the city, sample the bistros, bars, boutiques and cinemas and spend an evening in Germany's oldest jazz club, Cave 54.
The staff at OISE Heidelberg make every effort to make each student's stay as culturally and socially enriching as possible, offering a carefully organised programme of events. Students go on a guided tour of the town and sightsee at local places of interest including Heidelberg Castle. There are also visits to museums, galleries, concerts, festivals and theatres, as well as boat trips down the river Neckar, visits to local breweries and pubs and special trips to local industry for executives and interested students.


Host Family

To maximise the opportunities for practising new language, OISE has a policy of never allowing two students of the same mother tongue to stay in any one host family. All students have a single room, and each host family is selected and monitored according to strict criteria laid down by OISE. Houses are comfortable, the hosts welcoming, and above all; genuinely interested in receiving students and helping them develop their language fluency.


OISE recognises that some students would rather not have to adapt to living in a host family and prefer to stay in a hotel. Over the years OISE Heidelberg has built good relationships with a range of hotels, and can make a reservation on the student’s behalf. If you wish to stay in a hotel please contact the school for a list of recommended hotels. The hotel reservation is made by OISE but the bill is settled directly by the student to the hotel.

Travel and location

OISE Heidelberg is happy to assist all adult students with their travel arrangements from their point of arrival. All airports and rail stations are served by excellent public transportation. Alternatively there is the possibility of arranging a taxi meeting service. The taxi reservation is made by OISE and charged on the course invoice.

Situated on the river Neckar, Heidelberg is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its fairy-tale setting has captured hearts and minds for centuries and many of the world’s most famous writers, poets and philosophers have been inspired by its landscape and architecture.
Heidelberg University is the oldest in the country and amongst the most prestigious in the world. Internationally recognised as a centre of scientific excellence and a driving force in research, Heidelberg offers a perfect environment for professional training programmes as our intensive German language courses for business and professional purposes.
Heidelberg is centrally located in Germany and easy to reach by train, car or plane. It is a compact city easily explored on foot and is a centre of cultural diversity. Open air orchestral concerts are a particular favourite with locals and tourists alike and take place in the magnificent castle grounds.


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