English Language School, Boston, USA

English Language School, Boston, USA

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About OISE Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in America; and yet one of the most creative and forward-thinking. Host to two world-class universities, a booming pharmaceutical industry and a leader in the financial industry, Boston is an ideal setting for students and executives wanting to reach the highest levels of English proficiency in a well respected academic city.

OISE Boston school building

Learning Space

OISE Boston English language school comprises 17 classrooms, a lecture hall, computer lab and a student lounge area. OISE’s signature modern furniture is featured throughout the school along with wifi throughout and flat screen computers in all classrooms. Facilities for tea and coffee, water cooler, fresh bagels with peanut butter, jam and cream cheese at are available at break times.

OISE Boston offers one-to-one Tutorials as well as Quatorials in groups of 4, ideal for both executives and students. Student presentations are followed by a question and answer session every morning, newspapers and television reports are discussed in the news review, and time is spent each day discussing American; assisting participants in their smooth integration into American social situations and improving understanding. Every Friday, students and staff bring in food from their own countries to share and sample, giving a chance to taste cuisine from around the world.

OISE Boston teacher with class

English Tuition Programmes

Tutorials are one-to-one lessons with a specialist tutor. Tutorials really accelerate the language learning and maximize learning efficiency. The results from the academic audit including the telephone interview before a student arrives at OISE Boston allows us to select the perfect team of Tutorial tutors, whose specialist English areas match the exact requirements of our students.

Whether a student is preparing for a specific work presentation, needs assistance writing an academic essay or has specific issues with the English language we have a tutor who has the exact set of skills to help them achieve their goals and move quickly onto their next challenge. Tutorials are suitable for students of all levels and backgrounds. They are particularly useful for those students who are at the beginner stage and also those who are advanced and have only a few specific areas of English that are holding them back from complete fluency.

Quatorials are mini-groups of 2-4 students. Our morning Quatorial trio is a synergy of very different yet well-synchronized classes that support student's linguistic growth.

Lessons are given in mini-groups of four which reinforces individual attention to each student. The group setting facilitates interaction among the students, incorporating simulated meetings, role-plays, discussions, and communicative activities using refined academic objectives.
Comprehension and Expression class focuses on developing students' understanding of English, both written and spoken as well as on building their ability to express themselves in various contexts. The emphasis is put on fluency. Students read and listen to a wide variety of texts, authentic materials, and learn to respond to them using social and cultural awareness as well as pragmatics of the English language.

Accuracy (grammar) class stresses the importance of form and rules critical for adult learners. Through constant interaction and integration of various language skills grammar is taught implicitly with emphasis on contextualization and personalization of the input which is presented and practiced in a dynamic and interactive way using the latest methodologies and technology.

Quatorial Project Workshop encourages a development of team building skills while learning the language. Students work in mini-groups of four students on a project or a presentation. They are given ambitious linguistic objective consisting of vocabulary, collocations, phrasal verbs, and idioms. Their task is to incorporate the target phrases into their presentation/role-play. An example of a project could be suggesting a new business for an empty shop in the middle of Boston, and preparing a presentation outlining and justifying the proposed new business using the academic vocabulary list prepared weekly by the Academic Manager. The presentation is worked on for the whole week and the final product is shared with the whole school on Friday.


OISE Boston environment

Exam preparation

At OISE Boston we offer an array of test preparation classes, i.e. TOEFL, IELS, GMAT, and ACT, to name a few.

Our instructors, whose qualifications go beyond the theoretical knowledge of the subject matter, teach not only all the skills of English language but also the strategies and techniques paramount to know in order to obtain the highest score possible.

Students get familiarized with the whole artistry of test taking in a surprisingly very engaging and thought-provoking ways.

OISE Instructors have taken the test themselves, they know first hand of any possible challenges that student might encounter during his/her studies and beyond.

Students' progress is measured continuously and tangibly by a regular execution of authentic sample tests and consequently by the official scores they receive from the academic institutions.
OISE has a high success rate of their students reaching the required test scores and proceeding with their academic dreams afterward.

OISE Boston environment

Cultural Programme

The Social Programme at OISE Boston shows the best of what the city has to offer. In summer students watch Harvard and MIT compete at the Head of the Charles Regatta, the world’s largest two-day rowing event from the banks of the Esplanade. Kayaking on the River Charles and sailing in the harbour, or even a guided boat tour, are great ways of exploring the city by water.
All year round, students go on trips: to local breweries to tour the USS Constitution ship, eat dumplings in Chinatown or grab a slice of pizza in North End, the Italian district. Trips to the Top of the Hub in the Prudential building to enjoy appetisers and cocktails in front of the cityscape are popular, as well as trips to discover Harvard campus and the Institute of Contemporary Art.


Host Family

Homestay accommodation is an excellent way to experience American culture and to have extended English language practice in a relaxed environment. All hosts are located near public transport stops with easy access to OISE Boston. Staff can help with private accommodation options, including a choice of serviced apartments on request

Travel and location

Boston Logan Airport is situated on the outskirts of the city and takes only a 10 minute taxi ride to OISE Boston, which can also be reached by metro or bus. Boston has an efficient transport network: the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority. The MBTA is very affordable, and a pass will allow you to use both the metro and the bus system which have services running late into the night.

Beaches are a 30 minute drive away, and ski resorts and Mount Washington are around 2 hours away. New York City is accessible by bus in 4 hours or by plane in 1 hour and Cape Cod can be reached by ferry in 1 hour.

Boston is both a sprawling metropolis and a beautiful harbour town. Set in pleasant New England, it is favourable in all seasons; spring flowers in full bloom, summer watching the sailboats, autumn foliage turning the city amber, red and gold, and snow turning Boston into a winter wonderland. Located in beautiful Back Bay in downtown Boston, OISE enjoys fantastic views of the city from its art-deco building shared with consulates from Turkey, Spain, Colombia and France. The OISE school in set within a desirable Boston area, near the famous Newbury street with its wealth of boutique and designer shops.


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